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BruinBus Implements Extended Hours & Improved Routes



BruinBus will kick off 2018 with new and improved service! After careful review of customer feedback, BruinBus has implemented several changes to better serve its customers. Effective January 2, 2018, BruinBus will offer extended weekday hours as well as modified routes for improved service.


New Extended Hours: 

  • Wilshire Route: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Campus Route: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Route Modifications:

Going to Weyburn Terrace?

  • Then jump on the Campus route, which has now replaced Weyburn Express with more frequent service and extended hours.

New Combined Evening Service

  • The Wilshire and Campus routes will now be combined into one service during weeknights from 6:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • The new combined evening route will serve Weyburn Terrace, Murphy Hall, and Wilshire Center.

This Bruin Broke His Foot and Still Commuted the Green Way



Besides U-C-L-A, Kevin Borg’s favorite letters of the alphabet might be EV, as in electric vehicle. Borg, currently the assistant athletic director for facilities & project management in UCLA Athletics, started commuting to campus from his South Bay home in 1988. Initially, he drove alone to his job in the Morgan Center, followed by an eight-year stint as a UCLA vanpool driver.

In 2016, Borg bought a Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid sedan and switched back to a solo commute. He did this to be able to fit more work into his day without extending his on-campus work schedule. Borg has been able to do this thanks to his in-car Bluetooth receiver for hands-free phone calls and his DMV-issued Green Clean Air Vehicle decals which allow him to drive solo in the 405 Freeway carpool lane. He normally parks on the north side of Structure 7, where unlimited Level 1 charging is available for EVs.

Last March, Borg broke his fibula and needed to use crutches and a knee scooter to move around campus and his office. After obtaining a temporary parking placard for individuals with temporary disabilities from the DMV, he spotted ADA parking stalls available on the opposite end of the structure near an elevator and began to park there.F86A3272

“One day, after pulling into one of the ADA parking spaces, I noticed EV charging equipment mounted overhead,” Borg said. “I followed the directions and began using it every day. What a sweet, convenient, experience. You just push a button, an attachment drops down for easy plug-in, and when you leave, you unplug the cord and it automatically retracts slowly upwards.”

Fully accessible Level 2 chargers are located in parking stalls in each of three ADA spaces for EVs in Parking Structures 2, 7 & 8. These are part of UCLA Transportation’s ongoing efforts to address demand for EV charging for faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors, and meet the goal of converting two percent of all structure spaces (approximately 400) to EV-available by the end of fiscal year 2017-18.  Once these are all in, the department will evaluate how this initial expansion is working, with the expectation that even more EV charging capability will be put in place based on customer demand and increased EV ownership.

Once Borg fully healed and completed physical therapy, he was able to return to EV parking on the north side of Structure 7 in a regular parking stall. Looking back on his experience, Borg said he is thankful to the University “for encouraging a carbonless footprint and providing resources which allow employees and visitors to take advantage of convenient EV charging.”




PHOTOS: Rideshare Fair 2017

Rideshare Fair_blogheader


Miss out on our Rideshare Fair earlier this week? Don't worry! Scroll down for a quick recap of what went down. For more photos, check out our album on Facebook.

Rideshare Fair 201778

Rideshare Fair 201731

Rideshare Fair 201733

Rideshare Fair 201734

Rideshare Fair 201735

Rideshare Fair 201736

Rideshare Fair 201738

Rideshare Fair 201743

Rideshare Fair 201763

Rideshare Fair 201776




20 is Plenty: UCLA Changing Campus Speed Limit


Twenty-Is-Plenty-Blog-Header20 is Plenty. That's UCLA Transportation's new campaign to promote a campuswide speed limit change.

Effective September 26, 2017, UCLA is lowering its roadway speed limit from 25 mph to 20 mph. The goal is to make the campus even safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. Plus, lowering the speed limit encourages more people to use active transportation modes, which will, in turn, make UCLA a healthier campus.

Studies have shown that the chances of a serious injury or death for a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle rise rapidly as speed increases. A motorist traveling at 16 mph, for example, has a 10% chance of sustaining serious injuries, while a motorist going 31 mph has a 50% chance.

The risk of death for a pedestrian also increases as vehicle speeds increase. A pedestrian faces a 10% risk of death when struck by a vehicle traveling at 23 mph and a 50% chance at 42 mph.

“For years, UCLA Transportation has worked with its campus partners to transform the car-centric campus built environment to a more walkable, bike-able, livable campus,” said Dave Karwaski, senior associate director of planning and traffic.

The effort to reduce the campus speed limit has occurred incrementally over time. UCLA first reduced campus roadways speeds from 35 mph to 25 mph in 2005. Lower speed limits have in recent years been introduced in several cities as well.


How Commuter Students Can Get the Most Out of Their UCLA Experience



There’s no reason to let a little distance come between a commuter student and an authentic college experience.

You may not be residing on the Hill or in Westwood’s Weyburn Terrace—with Diddy Riese cookie sandwiches nearby—but that doesn't mean UCLA can’t feel like home.

To start off your year, link up with fellow travelers at a commuter meetup hosted by the UCLA Bruin Resources Center and UCLA Transfer Student Center on Sunday, September 24. The afternoon of community building will begin at the Bruin Bear and conclude with a dinner and party in Westwood.

Live the Bruin life by checking out all the ways you can get that True Bruin experience.

Get Involved

Finding a niche within the Bruin community is one of the best ways for a commuter student to feel engaged with the campus.

UCLA has one of the most active programs of extracurricular student activities in the nation, with over 1,000 organizations for undergraduate and graduate students. Seek out an activity that speaks to a passion or gets you excited.

Undergraduates can find out about these groups at the Enormous Activities Fair planned for September 26 and for new graduate students there's the Graduate Student Orientation scheduled for September 19.

Commuters can exercise that Bruin spirit with a UCLA Recreation membership. Purchase a fitness pass or play on an intramural sports team. Recreation has tons of classes and activities every quarter.

Public service is part of the University’s mission and volunteering is more than a noble pursuit—it’s a great way to spend time with likeminded Bruins. View opportunities through the UCLA Volunteer Center website. There are also many student clubs devoted to community service.

Seek out Resources

At UCLA Transportation we offer many programs, promotions and free benefits   for student commuters, and we'll help you find the most convenient and affordable way to get to campus. Students who use alternative transportation such as transit, biking or carpooling can join our Bruin Commuter Club, which provides even more incentives like free Zipcar hours, discounted daily parking and emergency rides home.

Get Social

Stay connected to campus by following UCLA’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The social media channels provide regular updates about University news and happenings. And don’t forget the traditional avenues for campus information: Read the Daily Bruin and tune in to UCLA Radio.

Enter the Fan Zone

Support your team! With so many men’s and women’s athletic programs ranging from basketball and football to gymnastics and water polo there’s a sporting event everyone can do an Eight-Clap for.

Work it Out

Clock in time on campus by working for UCLA. A campus job is a good way to earn money, make friends and hang around University grounds. Parking Services is currently hiring and for more job listings visit the UCLA Career Center’s BruinView website. Most campus employers (including us) are willing to work around a student’s schedule.

Start a Conversation 

The best way to get to know UCLA? Interact with the campus population! Chat up a classmate and form a study group. Next caffeine refill at Kerckhoff or Jimmy’s, talk to someone in line. Banter with other BruinBus passengers at the stop or while you ride around campus.

Remember, no matter where you are coming from every student arriving at UCLA is part of the class of optimists.