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Students, Rent a BruinBike This Quarter For Only $65!


bruinbikeBike Month kicks off next week, and we're here to help you live a healthier, more active lifestyle. The UCLA Bike Shop offers quarterly BruinBike rentals for only $65 per quarter!

These fully-equipped bikes are deluxe hybrid city-style 8-speed cruisers that come with front and rear fenders, front and rear lights, a rear rack, and a cup holder mounted on the handlebar.

Plus, with the thread of heavy rainstorms behind us, you can also expect to ride through some of the nicest weather that the city of Los Angeles has to offer!

With biking, there’s no need for a costly gym membership or a hard-to-follow workout regimen. Not only will you avoid all the stressful traffic on your way to work, but you will also strengthen your bones, increase your cardiovascular fitness, and decrease your body fat levels all while doing so!

So, what are your waiting for? Contact the UCLA Bike Shop to rent your very own bicycle today!

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PHOTOS: Rideshare Fair 2016


ridesharefair_blogMiss out on our Rideshare Fair earlier this month? Don't worry! Scroll down for a quick recap of what went down. For more photos, check out our album on Facebook.

Plus, Rideshare Month isn't over yet. There's still time to pledge to share the ride for a chance to win some really cool prizes like a Fitbit, gift cards and more. Click here to pledge by October 31.












New Earn-A-Bike Program Offers Free $400 Bikes


EarnABike_AllWeb_blogThe Earn-A-Bike program is officially launching today. Aimed at encouraging bicycling as a sustainable commute to campus, Earn-A-Bike offers UCLA staff and faculty the chance to earn a brand new, fully-equipped bicycle—all for the price of a parking permit.

UCLA is a Silver Status Bicycle-Friendly University, and this new program further proves our commitment to make bicycling convenient, economical and safe.

Join the Earn-A-Bike program and receive a $400 voucher to Helen’s Cycles in exchange for your parking permit.  Participants will be able to select either a Trek 7.0 FX (hybrid bike) or a Trek 820 (mountain bike). Both bicycles come equipped with a helmet, light set and lock.

Bicycling not only improves your overall health, it also improves the health of our environment. Plus, save yourself the stress and costs of parking on campus.

For more information or to register for the program, visit our website.

Sign Up for Free Smart Cycling Classes and Get Free Gear


smartcyclingAttention all Bruin commuters! Are you seeking to increase your knowledge of road safety? Want to know how to avoid hazardous situations that may negatively impact your commute?

Then sign up for Smart Cycling classes this month! The UCLA Bike Shop will be holding two classes this spring in order to help you, the rider, learn all about bicycle safety and provide other useful tips for both veteran and new bicyclists. One course even offers on-bike instruction.

Plus, all participants will walk Quick turn_January 2016_3
away with a handful of high-quality gear as a thank you for your participation! This includes a free helmet (Giro, Bell, Nutcase, Laser, or Fox), lightset (Cateye), and bell (Incredibell)—worth a minimum of $80.

Both courses offer instruction on how to share the road safely with drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. During the classroom segment, topics such as traffic-lane choice and positioning will be covered, as well as hazards that bicyclists encounter commonly on the road (e.g., the “door zone,” “left hooks”, “right hooks”) and how to avoid them.

Below are the two dates available for the month of April:

Smart Cycling with on-bike instruction: 5 hours

Saturday, April 9th from 9:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Quick turn_January 2016_2During the on-bike segment, participants will have the chance to practice bike-handling skills and take a ride on the street to implement the smart-cycling concepts learned.

Please note that a well-functioning bike is required to participate and that knowing how to ride a bike is strongly recommended for participants in this class.

Smart Cycling with classroom instruction: 2 hours

Thursday, April 28th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Prior experience with bicycling is not required and bicycles are welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up today!


Green Ways to Get Around Campus in Style

For SoCal college students meandering through campus, walking is typically the most common mode of transportation. But arriving at point B from point A at UCLA on two feet can become cumbersome. The trip to campus from dorms or apartments day after day can feel more like a trek than a walk. And if you ever want to venture beyond campus for an internship or Santa Monica beach day, driving in L.A. traffic can appear especially grim.

Here's how you can minimize travel time throughout campus and even the city while looking good and reducing your carbon footprint (since going green is a trend that's always in style).


Biking is the fastest way to maneuver around Westwood Village and the UCLA campus. If biking is your thing, then you have two options. Your first option is to invest in your own bike to fit your lifestyle. Do you want a durable mountain bike to take offroading or a fun fixie to ride while dodging traffic? Buy one at the UCLA Bike Shop or at Helen's Cycles in Westwood.

You second, more convenient and affordable option is to rent a Bruin Bike from the UCLA Bike Library. Students only pay $60 per quarter. Employees get free two-week rentals through our Commuter Bike Loaner Program. You'll ride a deluxe hybrid city-style 8-speed cruiser, even equipped with a cup holder for your coffee. Don't forget a Herschel messenger bag to store all your books and belongings as you ride around campus.


"Longboarding is a quick and cool way to get around in the SoCal sunshine," says the Daily Bruin. On a longboard, you can cruise around campus with better balance because of its larger size. Traveling to and from class is just another way to enjoy the California breeze while gliding along the streets. Think of longboarding as surfing on wheels and riding the waves of concrete hills, so make each ride an enjoyable — and stylish — one.

To look the part, longboarders need a solid pair of Nike sneakers for maintaining that comfortable stance. The right hat and sunglasses are also required (for safety reasons, of course) to keep the sun out of your eyes and to prevent hitting pedestrians. You'll have to carry the board to take the stairs and head into buildings; just consider the extra exercise as a bonus.

Razor Scooter

If locking up a bike or carrying around a longboard is too much of a hassle, resort to the razor scooter. It's lightweight transportation, and it transfers you faster than walking. Scootering also has charming appeal as you zigzag through campus. Reminiscent of childhood, the scooter is a fun and amusing way to travel. It even offers enhanced safety with its adjustable handlebars and rear wheel brake. You maintain greater control, especially during lunch rush hour when foot traffic throughout campus is heavy.

Public Transit

For those times when a longboard or scooter won't get you to downtown or over to West L.A., various types of transportation are available without using your car and gas. These can take you to your destination on campus or to city hotspots. Plus, we've made it even easier to get around the city with this guide.

For more information on green transportation at UCLA, check out the UCLA Transportation website.