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2017 Rideshare Month Pledge Winners!



This past Rideshare Month was all about breaking records.

We received over 2,500 pledges in October, which is about 500 more than last year, and we're giving away 75 prizes this year!

Thank you to everyone who pledged to share the ride! And now that the beautiful fall weather has finally arrived, we hope you continue to bike, walk, take public transit, carpool or vanpool. Commute the green way and end 2017 with a bang.

Congratulations to our pledge winners listed below! Stop by the Transportation lobby to pick up your prize by Tuesday, December 5. To coordinate a pick-up day/time, contact UCLA Transportation at or message us on Facebook.

Prizes that are not claimed by December 5 will be forfeited and awarded the the next winner.

  1. Arianna Altfeld
  2. Omar Alavardo
  3. Paul Barone
  4. Lavette Bowles
  5. Erica Campbell
  6. Yessica Campillo
  7. Filippo Caremoli
  8. Kelly Casillas
  9. Gadri Chandra
  10. Sandi Chiu
  11. Sanghun Cho
  12. Tom Chou
  13. Devin Chu
  14. Chris Coniglio
  15. Nancy Corona
  16. Rosariode Leon
  17. Nate Demmy
  18. Mindy Dietrich
  19. Julie Dillon
  20. Alfonso Directo Jr.
  21. Grace Florentin
  22. Samantha Gaffney
  23. Anabella Gonzalez
  24. Hillary Gordon
  25. Stacy Gruenloh
  26. Carina Hampp
  27. Meredith Hankins
  28. Nora Harris
  29. Muneeza Irfani
  30. Andrew Jones
  31. Wasana Ketmanee
  32. Mi Kyung Kim
  33. Helen Kondo
  34. Eva Lee
  35. Coney Lee
  36. Jamie Libonate
  37. Yuanyi Long
  38. Thuy An Lu
  39. Marco Martinez
  40. Tammi Matsukiyo
  41. Hamest Nancy Melkonian
  42. Spencer Middleton
  43. Luisa Mina
  44. Norma Morelock
  45. victor munoz
  46. James Murakami
  47. Jeanne Murata
  48. Raphael Nacache
  49. Joanne Nghiem
  50. Jimmy Ngo
  51. Catherine Nguyen
  52. Adam Northrup
  53. Joan Parker
  54. Kevin Pen
  55. Vijay Ravi
  56. Roey Reichert
  57. Eric Rios
  58. Adam Royer
  59. T-Kay Sangwand
  60. Jorge Santana
  61. Lota Maria Santos
  62. Christina Schonberg
  63. Ronisa Shoate
  64. Chris Silva
  65. Clint Svatos
  66. Chau Tang
  67. Sarah Tolbert
  68. Jeffrey Tom
  69. Ellen Towles
  70. Daniel Tran
  71. Juan Umana
  72. Maria Velasco
  73. Vivien Weng
  74. Reed Wilson
  75. Chandra Winter


This Bruin Broke His Foot and Still Commuted the Green Way



Besides U-C-L-A, Kevin Borg’s favorite letters of the alphabet might be EV, as in electric vehicle. Borg, currently the assistant athletic director for facilities & project management in UCLA Athletics, started commuting to campus from his South Bay home in 1988. Initially, he drove alone to his job in the Morgan Center, followed by an eight-year stint as a UCLA vanpool driver.

In 2016, Borg bought a Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid sedan and switched back to a solo commute. He did this to be able to fit more work into his day without extending his on-campus work schedule. Borg has been able to do this thanks to his in-car Bluetooth receiver for hands-free phone calls and his DMV-issued Green Clean Air Vehicle decals which allow him to drive solo in the 405 Freeway carpool lane. He normally parks on the north side of Structure 7, where unlimited Level 1 charging is available for EVs.

Last March, Borg broke his fibula and needed to use crutches and a knee scooter to move around campus and his office. After obtaining a temporary parking placard for individuals with temporary disabilities from the DMV, he spotted ADA parking stalls available on the opposite end of the structure near an elevator and began to park there.F86A3272

“One day, after pulling into one of the ADA parking spaces, I noticed EV charging equipment mounted overhead,” Borg said. “I followed the directions and began using it every day. What a sweet, convenient, experience. You just push a button, an attachment drops down for easy plug-in, and when you leave, you unplug the cord and it automatically retracts slowly upwards.”

Fully accessible Level 2 chargers are located in parking stalls in each of three ADA spaces for EVs in Parking Structures 2, 7 & 8. These are part of UCLA Transportation’s ongoing efforts to address demand for EV charging for faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors, and meet the goal of converting two percent of all structure spaces (approximately 400) to EV-available by the end of fiscal year 2017-18.  Once these are all in, the department will evaluate how this initial expansion is working, with the expectation that even more EV charging capability will be put in place based on customer demand and increased EV ownership.

Once Borg fully healed and completed physical therapy, he was able to return to EV parking on the north side of Structure 7 in a regular parking stall. Looking back on his experience, Borg said he is thankful to the University “for encouraging a carbonless footprint and providing resources which allow employees and visitors to take advantage of convenient EV charging.”




PHOTOS: Rideshare Fair 2017

Rideshare Fair_blogheader


Miss out on our Rideshare Fair earlier this week? Don't worry! Scroll down for a quick recap of what went down. For more photos, check out our album on Facebook.

Rideshare Fair 201778

Rideshare Fair 201731

Rideshare Fair 201733

Rideshare Fair 201734

Rideshare Fair 201735

Rideshare Fair 201736

Rideshare Fair 201738

Rideshare Fair 201743

Rideshare Fair 201763

Rideshare Fair 201776




How Your Commute Can Make You Happier


Happy-CommuteCommuting to work can be traffic-laden, tedious and dreadful. But it turns out there's a way to lighten the load, and it starts with picking the right transportation mode. According to a paper published last month in the journal Sustainability, the way we commute can affect our sense of happiness and well-being. In particular, sustainable commutes can reduce bad feelings and lead to greater contentment.

Using the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI) and commute data from 187 U.S. cities for one year, researchers from four universities looked at the relationship between sustainable transportation modes in metropolitan areas and individual well-being. The WBI is based on five elements: physical well-being, community well-being, social well-being, financial well-being and purpose, and associated career well-being.

The general pattern of results indicated that regions that favor sustainable commute modes over driving-alone had higher well-being scores, even when controlling for other important predictors of happiness. Driving alone was associated with lower well-being scores, whereas carpool and non-motorized modes were associated with higher well-being scores.

Automobile use has been found to increase boredom, social isolation and stress, while active transportation users (walkers and cyclists) have significantly higher self-reported happiness levels than those who drive—even when accounting for differences in income, health and attitudes about travel.

Physically active commute modes likewise have been shown to reduce the number of sickness incidences over time. Commuters who bike or walk report better health, lower exhaustion and stress, and fewer missed workdays than their counterpart car commuters.

The study also suggested that providing incentives for commuters to use more sustainable commute options could offer greater opportunity for happiness than those that do not. This summer we launched the new Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit Program, which gives eligible faculty, staff and students the opportunity to try public transit free for one full quarter.

Happiness can be influenced by transportation systems—with sustainable infrastructure and policies potentially enhancing quality of life. Being able to begin and end the workday in a less stressful manner can contribute to physiological and psychological wellness.

These findings demonstrate more sustainable transportation modes are associated with well-being, with the evidence presented supporting the notion that commute mode affect the pursuit of happiness.

Ready for a brighter future by changing your commute habit? See what alternative transportation programs we offer on our website.



What Do We Do At UCLA Transportation? [VIDEO]

Dickson Plaza 01-00354 copy2 blog

Dickson Plaza 01-00354 copy2 blogPeople often think all we do is provide parking on campus, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, parking is part of it. Most of it, however, is getting you access to campus. That's what we're all about: being green, sustainable and safe.

To highlight some of our goals, accomplishments and best practices, we've made this nifty video. Check it out below and on our YouTube channel.