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Metro Unveils Brand New Website


beta-metro-blogMetro rolled out its new-and-improved website yesterday, equipped with a completely redesigned trip planner. And they're letting the public test the beta version before launching the official site in January.

Screen capture of Trip Planner on the new Metro website, currently in beta-testing.From now through the end of the year, you can preview and try their trip planner, which has been re-engineered to include multi-modal options and up-to-date service alerts. That means users can now choose from rail, bus, bike or pedestrian routes.

Also included are both scheduled and real-time arrivals for Metro, as well as service data from 24 carriers until the end of the year.
The new site has been especially redesigned as a "mobile-first experience." According to Metro, more than 65% of customers Mobile screen capture of new Metro website, currently in beta-testing.access their site using a mobile device. About 30% use desktop computers, and 5% use tablets.

Submit any comments or suggestions you may have about the new site. Metro's tech team will take all submissions into consideration before the website's official launch next year.


7 Tips for National Rail Safety Month


metrorailDo you use your headphones when walking by a train station? Are you always aware of the signals in front of you as you near the tracks? Every three hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train. September is National Rail Safety Month, so we’re here to help practice safe behavior if you commute by or live near a train.

Here are 7 common-sense tips people often overlook:

  1. Don’t Let Your Phone Distract You

Whether you’re taking a quick glance at an email or reading a text from a friend, always be conscious of the fact that there is nothing more important being aware of your surroundings.

  1. Always Have At Least One Earbud Out

Approaching trains can be very quiet. Always make sure you can hear what’s going on around you.

  1. Keep In Mind That Trains Can’t Swerve or Stop Immediately

Physics 101: An object that stays in motion will continue to stay in motion unless acted upon by a larger force. So unless you weigh more than 70,000 pounds, you won’t win. A light rail can take up to 600 feet to stop, which is about the length of two football fields. Never try to race a train or run around the gates. You could easily slip and fall.

  1. Pay Attention to All Warnings and Signs!

Did you know that over half of all collisions occur at crossings equipped with automatic signals? When in a vehicle, always remember that the gate closes when there is a train near, and all red flashing lights are there to keep you from any serious harm. Plus, the average citation for violating railroad signs is around $185!

  1. Make Sure You Know Where You Are Standing

Always make sure that you are standing behind the yellow striped, solid or dotted lines, especially if you see or hear a train coming. And parents, make sure your kids are always at your side as they are generally not aware of the circumstances.

  1. Always Make Sure There is Enough Space

Even if it seems like the coast is clear, you should never attempt to cross a track unless you are certain there is enough space for your vehicle to come at least 10-15 feet away from the tracks. If for some reason you find yourself stalled or stuck on the tracks while a train is rapidly approaching, make sure to get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible, and never waste time trying to take any extra items with you.

  1. Run The Opposite Way

If you find yourself having to flee from your vehicle after getting stuck in the middle of the tracks, make sure to run away from the vehicle at an angle in the direction of the approaching train. Upon collision, the train will send numerous parts of your vehicle flying outward and ahead, which can cause serious harm or even death to those standing in the wrong area during the point of impact.




Pokémon GO Tips: How to Catch Them All

Fullerton, United States - July 13, 2016: Image of people playing pokemon go game on an iphone smartphone devices. Pokemon Go is a popular virtual reality game for mobile devices.

Pokémon GO is officially the most popular app in the history of the U.S.

And while some are decrying how annoying its prevalence can be (there’s that get-off-my-lawn guy and these Sydney residents), some are championing its power of getting people off their butts to explore the city. After all, why is it OK to sit at home and play Candy Crush but not OK to walk around and catch some Pokémon?

Personally, I think it’s awesome. Walking out of a bar at midnight on Friday, I witnessed hordes of kids gathered at a library park talking about a Squirtle they’d just caught down the street. It’s a phenomenon unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. And it’s pretty cool to see people from all corners of life bonding over Pikachus and Pokéballs. You can spot a Pokémon trainer a mile away and, for a moment, share a connection amid a world of chaos.

The key to catching Pokémon is to play smart. That rings true when it comes to battling, and it also rings true when it comes to safety. Common sense stuff. Like don’t stand in the middle of the road or crosswalk. Don’t go searching for Pokémon by yourself in dark, sketchy neighborhoods. Don’t Poke and drive.

What you can do, though, is Poke and walk, Poke and bike, and Poke and ride transit. To expand your gaming wisdom, I’ve compiled some safe and sustainable ways to help you Pokémon trainers catch them all.

WalkingPokemon Go App Being Played on iPhone

Who would have thought that all it would take to get Americans walking again would be a virtual reality game about tiny critters?

Getting out of your house and walking around is by far the easiest way to catch some Pokémon. Just remember:

  1. Know where you are at all times and watch where you’re going.
  2. Don’t stand in the middle of the street/crosswalks/driveways.
  3. Don’t hassle business owners .
  4. Respect homeowners’ private property.


Just like the original Game Boy Pokémon games, having a bike makes everything better. Here’s how to do it without crashing into the first Zubat you see.

  1. Get a phone mount and turn your bike into a Pokemon GO machine like this guy.
  2. Wear a headphone (non-noise-cancelling) so you can rely on the game’s sounds instead of looking down at your screen.
  3. Turn off AR. Your phone is mounted so pointing your camera at Pokémon would require unmounting it every time.
  4. Remember to stop before you catch Pokémon, collect items at PokéStops or battle at gyms.
  5. Avoid high-speed, traffic-laden streets.
  6. Don’t stop your bike in the middle of the road. Pull off to the side before catching that Pidgeotto.

TransitPokemon Go01

Metro brilliantly wasted no time launching its new Twitter account @PokemonGOMetro when the craze first hit. They’re here to help you take transit and catch Pokémon:

  1. @PokemonGOMetro maps the location of PokéStops.
  2. @PokemonGOMetro also provides exclusive Pokémon sightings and tells you how to get there using transit .
  3. Gym battles are best won on foot. Numerous Metro Rail stations serve as “gyms” for training and battling Pokémon.
  4. Stay alert and protect yourself against theft while riding transit
  5. Make sure you make room for those who need access to the space you’re occupying

Happy hunting!

Free DASH Rides for Metro Pass Holders!

Ladot-dash1Photo by Buchanan-Hermit

As part of a new pilot program running through December 21, 2016, Metro TAP card holders with a seven-day or 30-day pass can ride DASH for free.

The new promotion is part of the California Climate Investments, which uses proceeds from the state's cap-and-trade auctions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing other benefits to communities around the state.

In addition to Metro's new bike-share system, the DASH system is a great way to make first-and-last mile connections to Metro. Check out this list of all DASH bus lines.


Metro Bike Share Celebration Recap (PHOTOS)



Miss out on yesterday's Metro Bike Share launch event? Don't worry! Here's our picturesque recap of all the festivities.