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Top 4 Best Places to Live in LA Without A Car

Los angeles skyline of the city

Los angeles skyline of the cityMoving to LA and don’t have a car? Many areas of LA have convenient public transit stops and bike routes that make driving obsolete. According to a recent Reddit thread, here are four of the best neighborhoods to live in car-free:

Cable car on the bridge in Downtown LA.

Cable car on the bridge in Downtown LA.

The hub of LA’s public transportation, DTLA provides easy access to the majority of Metro’s Express bus lines, the Expo line, the Red and Purple subway lines, and Metro Bike Share. With so many options, who needs a car?


2. Koreatown
Koreatown in Los Angeles


This neighborhood is very walkable. It also has a Purple Line station which can move you to Downtown or Hollywood in no time and connects to the Red Line a short way away. Moreover, Koreatown is on the route of the 720 express bus which takes you through a large stretch of the city.


3. Hollywood 
Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

The Red and Purple subway lines and most bus routes all have stops in this famous neighborhood. The connections are endless!


4. Santa Monica 
Breeze Bike Share in Downtown Santa Monica

Breeze Bike Share in Downtown Santa Monica

Home to the Big Blue bus, the Expo Line, and plenty of express bus lanes, Santa Monica is also a good choice for a car-free lifestyle. This area is especially good for bicycling which many miles of bike lanes, lockers and infrastructure, along with its own Breeze Bike Share system.



LA Bike Trains: Ride with a group of cyclists to UCLA

UCLA BC Bike Week Flyer 14

UCLA BC Bike Week Flyer 14

Two new LA Bike Trains are rolling to campus during UCLA Bike Week. Bike Trains are group bike rides led by experienced cyclists, or "conductors".  Bike Trains meet in different neighborhoods around the city, and commute together along select bike routes. Bike Trains are an invaluable resource for anyone weary about urban cycling, or for anyone who wants to meet more cyclists.

The two new Bike Trains rolling to campus are meeting in Koreatown and Culver City. The Koreatown Train is meeting on Thursday, May 15th at 7:30 a.m., at Tom and Toms on Wilshire and Western. The Culver City Train is meeting on Thursday, May 15th at 8:00 a.m.,  at the Starbucks on Washington and Culver

For more information about LA Bike Trains, and to sign up for any of their routes, click here.

The UCLA Bike Coalition is hosting a pit stop on Westwood and Le Conte on Thursday, May 15th from 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. For more information about the UCLA Bike Coalition, click here.