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Top 4 Best Places to Live in LA Without A Car

Los angeles skyline of the city

Los angeles skyline of the cityMoving to LA and don’t have a car? Many areas of LA have convenient public transit stops and bike routes that make driving obsolete. According to a recent Reddit thread, here are four of the best neighborhoods to live in car-free:

Cable car on the bridge in Downtown LA.

Cable car on the bridge in Downtown LA.

The hub of LA’s public transportation, DTLA provides easy access to the majority of Metro’s Express bus lines, the Expo line, the Red and Purple subway lines, and Metro Bike Share. With so many options, who needs a car?


2. Koreatown
Koreatown in Los Angeles


This neighborhood is very walkable. It also has a Purple Line station which can move you to Downtown or Hollywood in no time and connects to the Red Line a short way away. Moreover, Koreatown is on the route of the 720 express bus which takes you through a large stretch of the city.


3. Hollywood 
Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

The Red and Purple subway lines and most bus routes all have stops in this famous neighborhood. The connections are endless!


4. Santa Monica 
Breeze Bike Share in Downtown Santa Monica

Breeze Bike Share in Downtown Santa Monica

Home to the Big Blue bus, the Expo Line, and plenty of express bus lanes, Santa Monica is also a good choice for a car-free lifestyle. This area is especially good for bicycling which many miles of bike lanes, lockers and infrastructure, along with its own Breeze Bike Share system.



10 of the best LA day trips (and how to get there on transit from UCLA)


LA is a great city to live in, especially since it offers approximately 1,000,001 different things to do. Whether you're looking to make plans for a free day, a weekend or you’re working as a tour guide for visiting friends and family, here are a few suggestions and metro routes to take you where you need to be.177003699

1. Kodak / TCL Chinese Theater

What says "Hollywood" more than the Oscars? This is the place where the Academy Awards ceremony takes place every year. You very well might run into a "celebrity" outside the theater, like Johnny Depp or Marilyn Monroe, who will be happy to take a picture with you. Down the road you'll find the historic Grauman's Egyptian Theater. Stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a nice afternoon walk.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive
    Board the Metro Bus #2/302 (towards Sunset-Alvarado)
  2. Get off the bus at Sunset Boulevard and Orange Drive.
  3. Proceed to Kodak and TCL Chinese Theater.


2. Pantages Theater

If you want to catch a great theatrical production, the world famous Pantages Theater would be the place to go. Your bus stop is in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard's hustle and bustle. Walk around and explore the sites this location has to offer. If you haven't seen the Hollywood Walk of Fame, this is a great location to take a look at it.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive
    Board the Metro Bus #2/302 (towards Sunset-Alvarado)
  2. Get off the bus at Sunset and Vine.
  3. Proceed to the Pantages Theater.


3. Staples Center

This place is home to LA's great sports events and a must-see for fans of the NBA and the Lakers or Clippers. It's also LA's biggest event venue and whenever there's a great concert in town, chances are it's in Staples Center. There are plenty of attractions and restaurants nearby.

  1. Starting Bust Stop: Wilshire and Westwood Ride Metro Rapid Bus 720 (Commerce Center)
  2. Get off on Wilshire and Western
  3. Ride Metro Purple Line (806) Union Station/Downtown LA
  4. Get off 7th Street/ Metro Center Station.
  5. Ride Metro Purple Line (806) to Culver City Station.
  6. Get off Pico Station.
  7. Proceed to Staples Center.


4. Universal Studios

Universal Studios are worth a visit, even if amusements parks are not necessarily your cup of tea. You will arrive near the park in an area full of stores and restaurants, some of which that offer live entertainment. If you decide to visit the park, the Studio Tour is definitely a highlight. The tour guides are so funny that it makes you wonder why it is that they don't have their own comedy show.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive
  2. Board the Metro Bus #2 (towards Sunset-Alverado)
  3. Get off at Sunset and Vermont.
    Walk to the underground Vermont/Sunset Metro Station.
  4. Board the Metro Rail Red Line going towards the North Hollywood Station.
  5. Get off at the Universal City Station and proceed to Universal Hollywood Drive and Lankershim Boulevard to board the Universal City Shuttle.


5. Disneyland

Disneyland is a fair distance away from LA, but it is a big tourist place. Like Universal Studios, there’s an area (called Downtown Disney) that is not part of the main amusement park. There are lots of businesses and boutiques that one can spend the whole day in. Of course there are the amusement parks that one could go with their loved ones to.

This trip can take up to four hours one way, so make sure you have the day off!

    1. Starting Bus Stop: Westwood Plaza and Westwood Medical Plaza
    2. Board the Culver City Rapid #6 Green Line-Aviation/Imperial
    3. Get off Aviation LAX Station and Bus Bay 5
    4. Board the Metro Rail Green Line (towards Norwalk heading East) at the Aviation LAX station.
    5. Walk to Norwalk Station/Bust bay 2 and board the Metro Express Line #460 towards Disneyland.
    6. Get off on Harbor Boulevard and Disneyland East Main Shuttle Entrance.


6. Chinatown

LA's Chinatown is a great tourist attraction. Like many of the other destinations on this list it is a major hub of businesses. You can find Chinese stores and boutiques as well as restaurants. Chinatown has a deep-seated sense of culture, which you can get to enjoy during your visit.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue
  2. Board Metro Bust #2/302 (Towards Downtown LA-Broadway-Venice)
  3. Get off on Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Grand Avenue.
  4. Proceed to Chinatown.


7. Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo has a lot to offer for locals, tourists and visitors alike. There are plenty of places to eat and shop in. Another alternative for a day trip in this neighborhood is the beautiful Civic Center.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue
  2. Board the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #1 (towards Venice and Walgrove).
  3. Get off on Santa Monica Boulevard and Bundy Drive.
  4. Board the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #10 Rapid (Freeway express towards Union Station).
  5. Get off on Los Angeles Street and Temple Street
  6. Walk to Civic Center/ Little Tokyo.

little tokyo

8. Venice Beach Pier

Venice is a great place to spend a day for both, locals and tourists. The boardwalk has a lot to offer, from vendors selling out of tents, to a lot of store front businesses such as restaurants, t-shirt canneries, and even tattoo and piercing parlors. You can rent bikes to ride along the beach and spend some time in Santa Monica. Take a walk alongside the Venice Canals and enjoy the artsy flair of this city.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue:
  2. Board the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (Towards Venice Circle).
  3. Get off Main Street and Venice Way.
  4. Walk to Washington Boulevard and Pacific Avenue.


9. Downtown Central Public Library

The Central Public Library is an interesting destination for all those of you who are interested in literature and history. The historic building was constructed in the 1920s and is a major landmark in downtown Los Angeles. With over 6 million books, LA public library system ranges among the largest publicly funded library systems in the world!

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Wilshire Boulevard and Beverley Glen Drive
  2. Board Metro Rapid Bus #720 (heading towards Downtown LA-6th Main
  3. Get off on 6yh Street and Hope Street.
  4. Head Northwest on W 6th Street toward S Hope Street
  5. Turn right on S Hope Street
  6. Turn left towards W 5h Street.
  7. Arrive at the Downtown Central Public Library


10. Museum of Tolerance

LA is home to a lot of great museums. The museum of Tolerance has a particularly strong message and emotionally moving exhibits. It challenges its visitors to develop a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and confronts all forms of prejudice and discrimination in our world today.

  1. Starting Bus Stop: Hilgard Avenue and Westholme Avenue
    Board the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus $8 (towards Santa Monica/ Ocean Park).
  2. Get off on Westwood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard.
  3. Board on Pico Boulevard, and Westwood Blvd the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #7 (towards Rimply Terminal).
  4. Get off on Pico Boulveard and Roxbury Drive.
  5. Walk to Museum of Tolerance



The Great Los Angeles Walk 2012

Get your walking shoes ready: The Great Los Angeles Walk will be held the Saturday before Thanksgiving (November 17).

This year's walk covers around 17 miles from downtown LA to the Pacific ocean. Don't let the distance deter you--participants can join the walk at any point during the route. The Great LA Walk is an unofficial gathering of passionate Angelenos walking the streets of their favorite city, so join the group whenever you'd like. Follow @greatlawalk on Twitter to get live updates on everyone's progress and position.

The walk will start promptly at 9 a.m. in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and will end around 5 p.m. in Santa Monica. In the words of the organizers, "this is not a race"! Take in LA's sights and sounds and you might get a new perspective on familiar neighborhoods including Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Melrose/Fairfax District, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. And you'll get a chance to get some healthy and fun exercise in before Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday!

Check out the Great LA Walk FAQ for more info.