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Big Blue Bus Announces Changes to Route 17


bbbThe Big Blue Bus has just announced some major changes coming to Route 17 on February 19th!

The new and improved route will not only provide much better connectivity between UCLA and the Expo Line, but it will also provide longer weekday service and get you to your destination at a much quicker pace! Riders will also be able to take advantage of a brand new bus stop which will be located on NB Westwood Plaza & The Jules Stein Eye Institute!

Here is the complete list of changes that will be made to Route 17:

1. The route will now begin and end at Charles E. Young Terminal instead of Hilgard Terminal

2. Northbound trips will no longer serve Le Conte Ave. or Hilgard Ave.

3. The Southbound stop will be discontinued on Hilgard Ave. and Westholme Ave.

4. The stop on National Blvd. & Venice Blvd. (Culver City Station) will now be located before the intersection.

5. There will also be six new discontinued stops:

  • NB Westwood Blvd. & Le Conte Ave.
  • EB Le Conte Ave. & Tiverton Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Manning Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave.
  • UCLA Hilgard Terminal
  • SB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave


Weekly Wrap-Up


This week's biggest headlines in transportation:


Weekly Wrap-Up


This week's biggest headlines in transportation:

Soon You Will Have to Pay to Park at Metro Rail Stations


metrorailMetro seems to be brimming with new programs this year. First, the new Gold Line Expansion opened. Then on May 20th, three new Expo Line stations will be unveiled. And now, to top it all off, a pilot parking free program will be implemented at nine Metro Rail stations, starting with the Expo Line. The daily parking rate will be between $2 and $3, and the monthly rate ranges from $29 to $59.


Why should riders pay for parking? Since parking is not reserved, the goal of parking fees is to help balance supply and demand at these nine locations by deterring non-transit riders from parking and thus potentially clearing up additional spaces. Furthermore, the program will help create revenue to cover the cost of Metro’s parking facilities.

For more information about the program, check out the presentation below.


Parking Management Pilot Program - Full Board by Metro Los Angeles

Weekly Wrap-Up


This week's biggest headlines in transportation: