Personal perspective view of hand holding phone ordering Uber rideThousands of Ubers and Lyfts will be coming into campus when Commencement weekend kicks off this Friday, June 16.

Now, for the first time, UCLA Transportation has teamed up with Uber and Lyft to regulate these ride-hailing services by designating six specific pick-up and drop-off locations (map below):

  1. Gateway Plaza
  2. De Neve turnaround
  3. Luskin School of Public Affairs
  4. Faculty Center
  5. Anderson School of Management
  6. Lab School

Please be sure to follow standard curb and signage rules (i.e., no stopping at painted red curbs, bus stops, etc.).

Parking Enforcement will be monitoring the campus starting Friday, June 16 until the evening of Sunday, June 18. The De Neve turnaround location won't begin service until Saturday, June 17 due to students moving out of the residence halls this Friday.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that passengers and drivers would be cited for not complying with designated pick-up and drop-off areas. While citations were not and will not be issued in the future, we strongly encourage all passengers and drivers to abide by these zones in order to ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians, and improve traffic flow.