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5 Items Everyone Should Have Before Biking In The Rain

Today is the first day of spring, and we all know that April showers bring May flowers, especially given the fact that California just experienced its rainiest winter in years. Weather reports already indicate that two storm systems are headed straight for Southern California.

If biking is your preferred mode of transportation, things can get a little difficult when you add some rain to the mix. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here’s five items you should always have before biking in the rain.Cyclling Red Bike

1. Bike fender:  Fender’s are absolutely essential, especially after a long night of rain, when you know there will be puddles all over campus.

Without a fender, your rear tire will deposit all the water from a puddle straight to your back or legs.

Having to sit through work or through numerous lectures with a muddy back is not the ideal way to start off your day. Make sure to purchase and install your very own bike fender.

2. Rain jacket:  You know what’s worse than walking around all day with a wet back? Walking around all day wet all over.

Always make sure you have a rain jacket on before you head out on your commute. If you are planning on purchasing one, be sure to grab one with a large hood that is actually waterproof.

3. Rain boots and rain pants:  To avoid walking around campus with wet socks and wet bottoms, make sure to purchase your very own pair of rain pants and rain boots. Sure, you won’t be making a fashion statement in these, but you’ll be glad you wore them at the end Feeling protected in her boots.of the day. Trust me.

If rain pants and rain boots are not your thing, look into an alternative like yoga pants or pants of some other thin, quick drying material. Rain shoes are also just as helpful!

4. Bike seat cover:  No need to carry around paper towels! Buy a waterproof seat cover and say goodbye to your worries.

5. Gloves:  You know what's hard and at times, almost impossible? Locking/unlocking your bike with freezing, slippery fingers. Gloves will not only greatly improve your storm glovesentire trip to campus, but they will also allow you to begin typing and writing as soon as you arrive to class or at your desk, since your hands will actually be warm this time around.

Here’s a tip: buy a pair where the thumb and finger are smartphone compatible so that you can still listen to all your favorite podcasts and music on your way to campus.




This Spring Break, Take a $213 Cross-Country Amtrak Ride


amtrakpicSpring Break is just around the corner. If you've ever wanted to travel across country but didn't have the funds to do it, we've got a solution for you.

This Amtrak train will take you to some of the most beautiful cities in America like Salt Lake City, Denver and Chicago—and it only costs $213.

To make it even easier, travel blogger Derek Low mapped out the route to take so you can travel to various cities between San Francisco and New York. You can ride either the California Zephyr or the Lake Shore Limited.There’s even an extended trip package, giving you 15 extra days to explore the country and sight-see for an additional $216.

We know what you’re thinking, “I’m a student. This is still too expensive.” Amtrak hears you. UCLA students are eligible for a 15% discount on Flexible and Value cross-country rail fares year-round.

Not looking to go so far? Amtrak’s Throughway Service offers UCLA students a 20% discount on in-state travel. A short bus ride will take you from 592 Gayley Avenue at Strathmore Place to the Van Nuys and Bakersfield stations. From these locations the San Joaquin and Pacific Surfliner trains can take you as far north as Sacramento and anywhere in between.

For more information about student discounts, click here.

Here’s How to Get Home This Summer

Surfliner - Del Mar-2_blog

Surfliner - Del Mar-2_blogSchool is ending, commencement is right around the corner, and summer is kicking off soon. Do you know how you're getting home?

Some of you already know that UCLA students get 20% off California Amtrak fares. But what if you live out of state?

Well Amtrak recently rolled out its new 15% Student Discount program. If
you're a UCLA student, ages 17-25, save 15% on Value and Flexible rail
fares on travel year-round beyond California to destinations throughout the country. No blackout dates.

The Pacific Surfliner travels the coast to places like Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.Click on this lick to make a reservation and to read all terms and conditions. Tickets must be reserved three days before travel. A valid UCLA student ID must be presented as proof of discount eligibility.

Ride Amtrak, and see where the train can take you!

Why You Should Take Water Conservation Seriously


waterconservationIt's not over yet! California's severe drought conditions continue to affect all of us. There are drinking water shortages in communities across the state, diminished water for agriculture, degraded habitat for many fish and wildlife species and increased wildfire risk. Also, nearly 2,000 wells are running dry throughout California.

Starting in May, Fleet & Transit implemented multiple water reduction processes.  The Fleet Services wash bay is being shut down on weekends, wash schedules on transit buses and vans have been cut in half, and BruinCar rental vehicles are being dusted and washed only when there is excessive dirt. All this adds up to more than 46,000 gallons of water saved per year.

After four years of drought, Governor Brown proclaimed a state of emergency throughout the State of California due to severe drought conditions. Fleet & UC_CoolCampusChallenge_squareTransit supports Governor Brown. They take sustainability and water conservation seriously—you should too.

Right now, the University of California is trying to get everyone else on board with its Cool Campus Challenge. Sign up now, and pledge to do your part, bit by
bit. The challenge ends December 10, but living sustainably doesn't have to. We all should be doing what we can to help the environment.

Navigating the Roads the Green Way

Skyline of Los Angeles with freeway traffic,CA

Skyline of Los Angeles with freeway traffic,CAAre you a recent graduate? Headed off to college? How do you plan to get around town?

If you have a driver's license, you're probably thinking about getting behind the wheel. Driving in LA is a unique (and unavoidable) beast that gives you insights into other people and lessons in the local culture. But driving in LA the green way will help safeguard our future. Start developing green habits now with these tips.

  1. Learning California (& LA) Rules of the RoadLA Weekly’s less subjective observations are worth taking into consideration, such as protecting your left side from the sun, LA drivers' lack of experience with rain (you remember rain, right?) and unexpected, off-rush hour traffic jams.These are things you'll pick up with driving experience. For now, you first need to learn to drive according to California's road rules, which, in theory, supersede LA's.Before you get into a car and start driving these hallowed freeways, take an online driving assessment and an interactive test. It's definitely worth finding out how much you don't know about driving in California or any other state.
  1. Driving Green Brings Rebates & PrivilegesIn California, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project hands back up to $2,500 for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), $1,500 for plugin hybrids, and $900 for electric motorcycles and those tiny neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) you see on surface streets.Many states allow green vehicles to use the express/HOV lanes, so you can get to work (and home) sooner.
  1. Green Cars are Getting More AffordableYou wouldn't know it from the headlines, but Tesla is not your only option. Green vehicles are becoming increasingly more lists the 2015 Prius at under $20,000. Electric cars are more expensive than hybrids; still, several list under $30,000. While this may seem like a lot of money, remember that gasoline prices are unstable at best, so consider your long-term savings.Additionally, more than half of U.S. states offer some kind of incentive for purchasing electric or hybrid cars, according to and electric cars have been on the market for several years now, so you could also consider buying a used one to save more money. A secondhand one can be more affordable than you might realize, even on a starter salary.
  1. Public Transport: The Ultimate in Green TransportationIn many cities like New York City, commuting via public transportation is normal and preferable to driving.Business Insider says LA has the ninth best public transportation in the nation. It has a huge bus ridership, and is channeling a few billion dollars into its light rail system, which will also alleviate road traffic. And like many cities, LA runs a bikes-on-buses service so commuters who really work out of the way can still get there without a car.