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Get a Free Quarterly Transit Pass!

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Blog 700x240Interested in trying transit for free? With our new Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit, all new students, new employees and anyone new to transit can ride all quarter for free!

Eligible participants can receive a free Go Metro pass and/or BruinGO! Flash Pass. Those who live in areas near Metro stations and stops may qualify for both passes. That means those Bruins will be able to ride on any Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, Culver CityBus and Metro rail or bus line all quarter—on us!

In order to get your free pass, you must not have held a UCLA-subsidized transit pass or joined any other transit promotion within the last two years. Current UCLA vanpoolers only qualify for a free BruinGO! Flash Pass.

For more information about this new program, or to register for your free transit pass, click here.



Free Wi-Fi Coming to 150 LA Metro Buses



Commuters will soon be able to surf the internet at no charge as they cruise around Los Angeles. As part of a new pilot program, 150 Metro buses will be outfitted with free wireless capability in the coming weeks. Talk about connection in motion.

The buses with WiFi will be randomly assigned to various routes throughout the Metro system. Buses with wireless service will be marked with green decals to show riders they can connect to the internet once they embark.

Onboard wireless service will save passengers data and offer a potentially better internet connection than their cell Bus Journeyservice provider.

Metro customers can access the WiFi after boarding the bus by connecting to the network “Free Metro WiFi.” The service is free to all travelers and there is no limit on time usage.

The WiFi will have a speed equivalent to 4G LTE, which is good for basic web surfing but won’t allow large downloads like movies.

Free Metro WiFi sends users to a landing page with a trio of features:

  • A map with improved real-time arrival times and service alerts
  • A chat function that lets users contact Metro Customer Relations staff with any questions about Metro service
  • A red button that allows users to alert Metro security 24/7

Another 150 buses will be outfitted with WiFi later this year. All new buses added to the 2,200 Metro vehicle fleet will be wired for WiFi connectivity. Within the next few years the entire bus network will offer internet access.

WiFi availability on transit keeps passengers connected with an enhanced experience. They can read and reply to emails, catch up on news, check social media networks and do more on-the-go browsing, all at no cost. The technology helps modernize the commute mode, creating an attractive alternative to driving, in addition to public transportation’s other benefits.


Image courtesy of Metro


Take a Guided Tour with Metro


metrorapidSearching for a more economic, efficient and environmentally friendly way to commute around LA?

LA Metro is offering an exciting, indispensable experience for new riders! You can now go on a FREE guided tour of the Metro line to explore destinations all around town and familiarize yourself with the benefits of public transit.

During the tour, you can learn how to plan a trip, purchase and use a TAP Card, navigate between different bus/rail lines and much more. Tours begin at Culver City Station and Union Station, and are held Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own TAP card, which costs $1 and can be loaded with a one-way fare ($1.75), roundtrip fare ($3.50) or a Day Pass ($7).

Get to know the Metro system, and find out how to make your way around LA County. Plus, you'll learn important safety tips about riding public transit. Make your reservation today by signing up here. For more information about Metro Guided Tours, visit Metro's website.

Guided Tour Flyer

Rideshare Thursdays

Transportation Services - Hybrid Bus shoot for Brochure

Transportation Services - Hybrid Bus shoot for BrochureRidesharing isn't just good for the environment and your bank account. It can also lead to rewarding friendships with fellow ridesharers. Take Jane, for example. Jane met her best friend by taking the bus to UCLA every day. Here's her story. Thanks for sharing it with us, Jane!

Jane Skerritt

I have been commuting from Santa Monica to UCLA daily through public transit since 2011. The commute is a total of 3.5 miles, and it takes between 30 and 60 minutes each way. The positives outweigh the negatives, including:

  1. Knowing I am helping the environment by taking the bus.
  2. Saving money on monthly parking fees.
  3. Maintaining a journal I started in 2011, noting the interesting people, circumstances and events that I have witnessed or been a part of while riding the bus to/from work.
  4. I met my best friend on the bus a few years ago after we noticed each other taking the same routes at about the same times daily.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and never commuted anywhere until I joined UCLA in 2011. It has been a worthwhile, interesting and beneficial experience.

Rideshare Thursdays

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blog art metroAttention UCLA commuters: Do you guys know all the sustainable transportation options available to you? After 19 years, we're happy Stephanie was able to figure out the most convenient way to get to campus. Better late than never, Stephanie! Thanks so much for sending us your story. We hope others follow suit. Think of all the things you could accomplish if you weren't driving all the time!

Stephanie Hope

I commuted to UCLA from the San Fernando Valley for 19 years and never had even looked into available public transportation as an option for myself. I have to work varying hours and just figured that it wouldn’t be an option for me. After receiving an e-mail from UCLA Transportation during the summer to try out Commuter Express for free for one week, it sparked my interest. I did some research online, and saw that one line picked up just a mile from my home and had a regular pick-up and drop-off schedule. I decided to give it a try, and after using my one-week free pass, I was hooked. I cannot imagine myself driving again and sitting in traffic on the 405. I enjoy being able to now have time to read a book, spend time on social media, take a nap or even do work on the bus. I feel less stressed when I get home after a long work day and commute, as I had that time on the bus to relax.