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Bruin Bike Share: “A Healthier Alternative”


bbs1Katherine Meneses is a UCLA Health Adult Post Liver Transplant Supervisor and an avid Bruin Bike Share user.

UCLA Transportation offers many options for students, staff and faculty on campus. There's Zipcar, BruinBus, and ride-sharing. So why does Katherine choose Bruin Bike Share? "For the convenience, time management, and it's fun," she says. "There's a lot of availability. You can pick it up at one place, drop it off at another. You don't have to return it to the same place. Now, walking around the campus, you can see there's even more. There's some in the Westwood area, so that's convenient."

But more than that, Katherine continues, Bruin Bike Share is simply just "a healthier alternative." And many of her colleagues at UCLA Health agree. They recently incorporated Bruin Bike Share into their holiday photo and helped spread the word about the benefits of joining the program.

Katherine, who mostly uses Bruin Bike Share to get across campus and into Westwood Village, recounts a time when having access to the new system saved her day.

"Being pressed for time, I had a meeting but I needed to go to the bank up campus and I missed the shuttle," she says. "I wouldn’t have enough time walking so I hopped on a bike and went there. That was great.”


As Bruin Bike Share continues to enhance mobility for all employees and students on campus, there are a few things Katherine wants to see in the future (and of which we continue to lobby for):

"More bike lanes. I really would like that. Just because a lot of California drivers aren’t too good about sharing with people who are on bikes. I mean, more bikes, and I think you guys are working on that. Like putting in more bikes in different locations, strategic locations, networks."

Bruin Bike Share has 130 bikes at 18 hubs throughout campus and the Village. Plus, our current promotion offers free custom UCLA helmet to all Bruins who sign up for monthly membership, which is only $7! All new annual members who sign up for $60 get the helmet in addition to a bicycle gift set! If you are interested in joining in on the excitement just like Katherine and the Adult Post Liver Transplant department, visit our Bruin Bike Share website to become a member today!



We’re Giving Away Paul Frank Prize Packs!


DSC_0723You’ve probably noticed the Paul Frank characters on our bikes, but have you spotted the most unique Unicorn in our fleet? We are excited to introduce you to Dazzle the Unicorn, our new friend.

To celebrate our December sponsor, Cycle Hop and Paul Frank are giving away four Dazzle prize packs this month! All you have to do is comment on our Facebook about why you’re like Dazzle the Unicorn. Do you eat tons of delicious junk food? Do you roller-skate? Do you like 80s-inspired music? So does Dazzle. Let us know how what you have in common with our new friend and win!

You can also participate without commenting by submitting your entry here. One winner will be selected each week. Limit four entries per person regardless of entry method.

Click here for the full set of rules, terms and conditions for the promotion.





Have You Seen the New Paul Frank Bike Share Baskets?

paul frank_ blog

IMG_3492We're kicking off the most joyous month of the year with brand new Bruin Bike Share baskets courtesy of the iconic artist Paul Frank!

As UCLA Bruin Bike Share's December sponsor, the designer has brought his signature, nostalgic flare. Hop on a bike featuring his most beloved characters, including Julius the Monkey, Dazzle the Unicorn, Mika Cat, Worry Bear and Crossbones. These characters can be found on all 130 bikes in the Bruin Bike Share system located through the UCLA campus and Westwood Village.

Not a member yet? UCLA staff, faculty and students can sign up for a monthly membership for $7 a month or an annual membership for only $60 a year. Plus, all monthly members will receive a free custom UCLA helmet now through the end of the year. All annual members will get the same helmet as part of a bicycle gift package.

For more information, visit







Bruin Bike Share Launches October 3!


BikeShare_Launch_BlogIt's lunch time and you’re meeting with friends for a bite in Westwood Village. You realize from your NextBus app that the bus won’t arrive for another 10 minutes. Walking will take even longer and driving is out of the question. Biking will take five minutes, but you don't have your bike with you. What do you do? UCLA Bruin Bike Share has got you covered.

Launching Tuesday, October 3, our campus bike-share system aims to address many types of scenarios such as this one in an effort to make our campus bike friendlier and more accessible by active modes of transportation. There will be 18 hub locations and 130 bikes throughout campus and in Westwood Village including Powell Library, Luskin Conference Center, and Broxton and Glendon Avenues in Westwood Village.Bruin Bike Share Map

Join us for the official launch celebration on October 3 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Dickson Court North. There will be food, prizes, giveaways and an inaugural group ride for a limited number of participants.

As part of the launch, UCLA Transportation will be offering special founding annual membership rates to bike share users. UCLA employees and students can purchase a $60 annual plan for 90 minutes of usage per day. The founding public annual rate will be $69 a year. Additional plans include $7 a month for UCLA members, $25 a month for the public and a Pay-As-You-Go rate of $7 an hour for anyone.

UCLA students, staff and visitors will be able to check out bikes using their smart phones, membership cards or the payment kiosks at larger bike hubs. The first step is to create a Social Bicycles account by downloading the mobile app or visiting our website.

Students, staff, faculty and visitors alike will be able to take bikes from one designated hub to another. Bikes can be locked up to racks at any designated hub using the lock that comes with the bike, as well as to regular racks outside of hubs for a small fee.

In LA County, bike-share programs have launched in Westside cities like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. LA Metro has also expanded its bike share beyond Downtown LA to Pasadena, Venice and San Pedro.

For more information about Bruin Bike Share, go to our website.