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We’re Giving Away Paul Frank Prize Packs!


DSC_0723You’ve probably noticed the Paul Frank characters on our bikes, but have you spotted the most unique Unicorn in our fleet? We are excited to introduce you to Dazzle the Unicorn, our new friend.

To celebrate our December sponsor, Cycle Hop and Paul Frank are giving away four Dazzle prize packs this month! All you have to do is comment on our Facebook about why you’re like Dazzle the Unicorn. Do you eat tons of delicious junk food? Do you roller-skate? Do you like 80s-inspired music? So does Dazzle. Let us know how what you have in common with our new friend and win!

You can also participate without commenting by submitting your entry here. One winner will be selected each week. Limit four entries per person regardless of entry method.

Click here for the full set of rules, terms and conditions for the promotion.





Have You Seen the New Paul Frank Bike Share Baskets?

paul frank_ blog

IMG_3492We're kicking off the most joyous month of the year with brand new Bruin Bike Share baskets courtesy of the iconic artist Paul Frank!

As UCLA Bruin Bike Share's December sponsor, the designer has brought his signature, nostalgic flare. Hop on a bike featuring his most beloved characters, including Julius the Monkey, Dazzle the Unicorn, Mika Cat, Worry Bear and Crossbones. These characters can be found on all 130 bikes in the Bruin Bike Share system located through the UCLA campus and Westwood Village.

Not a member yet? UCLA staff, faculty and students can sign up for a monthly membership for $7 a month or an annual membership for only $60 a year. Plus, all monthly members will receive a free custom UCLA helmet now through the end of the year. All annual members will get the same helmet as part of a bicycle gift package.

For more information, visit







California: More Bicycle Friendly Than Ever

A photo of a woman cycling near the Golden Gate Bridge

A photo of a woman cycling near the Golden Gate BridgeCalifornia continues to shift higher in its statewide efforts to improve conditions for cyclists. Two years ago, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) ranked California as the eighth most Bicycle Friendly State℠ based on the amount and effectiveness of the state’s activities toward creating a safer and more welcoming space for bicyclists. California has now risen to number three in the national ranking.

California was recognized by LAB for getting more serious about biking and walking, citing the state’s first-ever bicycle and pedestrian plan being adopted three years after a report calling for radical reform at Caltrans. LAB’s Bicycle Friendly State Report Card said, “With a state DOT [Department of Transportation] that is increasingly committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of people who bike rather than maintaining a status quo, the state seems on the verge of establishing new standards and practices that will be a model for other states, both through its size and its efforts. In particular, watch for California’s actions on bicycle-related data including facilities, crashes, and counts to be potential models for other states.”

Another key factor in the leap in ranking cited by Streetsblog California “is the increase in funding for the Active Transportation Program, S.B. 1, the new gas tax, almost doubled the size of that program, from $130 million to $230 million annually. This is still a puny portion of the state’s overall transportation budget, but nevertheless California is doing better than most states: the League ranks California sixth out of the fifty states in terms of dedicated bicycle funding.”

There is still much work to be done in order to make California a safer place to bike and walk. A larger emphasis on data research, a repeal of California’s mandatory bike lane law, and the general establishment of safer, more inclusive infrastructure are some of the ways California can try to nab that number-one spot next time!

Just as our state has become more bicycle friendly, you may recall UCLA in recent years has moved up in its ranking as a Bicycle Friendly University.

For more information about how California got to where it is now and where it’s going in the future, check out this article. Let’s keep going, California!


PHOTOS: Bike Recycling Day 2017


IMG_7854_blogheaderWe kept the chain alive at this year's Bike Recycling Day! About 100 UCLA staff, faculty and students showed up to claim a used bike or bike parts for free!

Check out some photos from last week's event below. The full album is on our Facebook page.








The 7th Annual Bike Recycling Day is Almost Here!

Blog 2017

Blog 2017Bike Recycling Day is back and set for Sunday, November 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the rooftop of Parking Structure 8! As always, you will have the opportunity to receive used bikes or used bike parts for FREE.

For those new to UCLA, Bike Recycling Day is our popular annual event where UCLA Transportation gives abandoned bikes and bike parts (as-is) to members of the UCLA community.

Some of the bikes may need a light tune-up and others are stripped down to their frame. Recycled bike frames offer an excellent opportunity for those interested in building their own bike from the ground up or to replace a broken part on their own bike.

Participation is based on a random lottery being held by UCLA Transportation. The registration process will reduce chaos and tent pitching, while helping to create an equal opportunity at cashing in on a free ride! The lottery will close on Tuesday, October 31 at 9 a.m.

Eligibility guidelines:

  • ONLY UCLA students, staff and faculty members with BruinCards may participate. You must display your BruinCard and lottery ticket number to claim a bike.
  • Lottery numbers will be distributed via email on Tuesday, Oct. 31.
  • Limit ONE bike (or parts that total one bike) per person.
  • Bikes will be offered in ascending order starting promptly at 10 a.m. If you are not present when your number is called you will be passed.

Bike technicians from the UCLA Bike Shop will be on-site to answer your questions regarding your new find.

*Terms & Agreements