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BruinBikeSmart Wins SCAG Sustainability Award!


bruinbikesmart_blogThe UCLA BruinBikeSmart program has won the 2017 Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Sustainability Award for active transportation. This award is the region's highest honor for projects that promote and improve mobility, livability, prosperity, and sustainability in Southern California.

UCLA BruinBikeSmart is a safety and education program that allows cyclists who receive a moving violation to have their citation dismissed by completing an online interactive bike safety course and paying an administrative course fee. This program is the first of its kind for LA County, and developing it required an extensive amount of coordination between Transportation, UCPD, and the LA County Superior Court.

A total of seven planning projects were selected this year, and will be honored at an awards luncheon on Thursday, May 4. Other recipients include the cities of Long Beach, Lynwood and San Bernardino, the Imperial County Transportation Commission, Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Transportation Corridor Agencies.

CicLAvia Headed to Culver City/Venice This Sunday!

CicLAvia blog header

CicLAvia blog header

CicLAvia is kicking off its 2017 activities with a much loved route: Culver City to Venice.

Presented by Metro, the largest open streets event in the country will be held this Sunday, March 26 from 9 a.m - 4 p.m. Streets will be closed off in Venice, Mar Vista, and Culver City to vehicle traffic during this time period. Cyclists, skaters, runners, and pedestrians: Make these streets your playground!
CicLAvia Los Angeles bike ride

If you want even more action, stop by the press event at 8:30 a.m. in downtown Culver City at the intersection of Main Street and Culver Boulevard. Attendees will receive a free commemorative "CicLAvia is for neighbors" button!

See the route map below. For more information, click here. To keep up with the latest CicLAvia news, follow them on Twitter @CicLAvia.



5 Items Everyone Should Have Before Biking In The Rain

Today is the first day of spring, and we all know that April showers bring May flowers, especially given the fact that California just experienced its rainiest winter in years. Weather reports already indicate that two storm systems are headed straight for Southern California.

If biking is your preferred mode of transportation, things can get a little difficult when you add some rain to the mix. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Here’s five items you should always have before biking in the rain.Cyclling Red Bike

1. Bike fender:  Fender’s are absolutely essential, especially after a long night of rain, when you know there will be puddles all over campus.

Without a fender, your rear tire will deposit all the water from a puddle straight to your back or legs.

Having to sit through work or through numerous lectures with a muddy back is not the ideal way to start off your day. Make sure to purchase and install your very own bike fender.

2. Rain jacket:  You know what’s worse than walking around all day with a wet back? Walking around all day wet all over.

Always make sure you have a rain jacket on before you head out on your commute. If you are planning on purchasing one, be sure to grab one with a large hood that is actually waterproof.

3. Rain boots and rain pants:  To avoid walking around campus with wet socks and wet bottoms, make sure to purchase your very own pair of rain pants and rain boots. Sure, you won’t be making a fashion statement in these, but you’ll be glad you wore them at the end Feeling protected in her boots.of the day. Trust me.

If rain pants and rain boots are not your thing, look into an alternative like yoga pants or pants of some other thin, quick drying material. Rain shoes are also just as helpful!

4. Bike seat cover:  No need to carry around paper towels! Buy a waterproof seat cover and say goodbye to your worries.

5. Gloves:  You know what's hard and at times, almost impossible? Locking/unlocking your bike with freezing, slippery fingers. Gloves will not only greatly improve your storm glovesentire trip to campus, but they will also allow you to begin typing and writing as soon as you arrive to class or at your desk, since your hands will actually be warm this time around.

Here’s a tip: buy a pair where the thumb and finger are smartphone compatible so that you can still listen to all your favorite podcasts and music on your way to campus.




The Cycling Tech that Just Keeps on Innovating


bikelaneCycling goes hand in hand with technological development and environmentally friendly thinking. While the bike and the cyclist are naturally the beating heart of this relationship, there is one little piece of technology which has helped improve the lives and safety of cyclists the world over while not costing us the earth.

That little something is the humble LED bulb. At the beginning of the 90s it came in and replaced the inefficient easy-to-break incandescent bulb as the bike light to use. Since then it has become more effective and more powerful while using a fraction of the energy to use. While it gets more and more affordable, it is also getting better, and crucially, is flexible enough to be woven into a range of new technologies.

Some of these innovations are directly tied to improving cyclist safety. These include:

  • Safety projections - so cars know you are in their blind spot
  • Light display coats - safer than the headlight and the glow in the dark coat combined
  • Illuminated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians - reducing the need for streetlights on some paths.

These are just some of the ideas being developed. You can learn more about these and more by checking out this article on how LEDs are helping to make cyclists safer.


how-led-make-cyclists-safer-infographic (1)



PHOTOS: Bike (Re)cycling Day Wrap-Up


blog-headerBike (Re)cycling Day was yesterday, and it was such a success! About 150 people attended this year's event, and we gave away about 115 free used bicycles!

Thank you to everyone who helped out or showed up. If you didn't get a chance to grab a free bike this year, look out for next year's even in the fall.

Check out a few photos from yesterday's event below and click here to view more.