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7 Free Commute Friendly Apps That Don’t Require Data

Whether you're on a bus, a plane or a subway, you can always anticipate that connectivity may be a problem. And even if your data connection is fine, there is still the fear of exceeding your monthly data usage, on top of the always-creeping anxiety that an emergency may occur during the worst possible time—like your commute.

Luckily for us, there are a handful of apps out there that can bring some excitement to your commute, with or without a wireless connection.

Here are 7 free apps that work off the grid so that you don’t have to.

  1. Spotify / iOS, Android

With the offline tool, Spotify allows all customers with an active subscription to play all their favorite tunes, without the need of a data connection. Here’s how:

When connected to WiFi, go to your music library and click on the Download switch at the top of the page, located right under the Image result for spotifyShuffle Play tool. Make sure the switch turns completely green.

Once you’ve turned on that switch, in a matter of seconds, all of your music should now appear with a small green, downwards pointing arrow, indicating that you have successfully downloaded all of you music. Now you can listen to all your favorite artists without the hassle of needing good connectivity!

  1. CityMaps2Go & Google Maps / iOS, Android

CityMaps2Go and Google Maps are your ultimate go-to apps for any kind of map directory assistance. Even if you're offline, these two apps enable you to plan ahead. You can download all the mapsImage result for citymaps2go of cities, provinces or villages that you may need to arrive at your final destination, all at just the tap of a button.

Heading somewhere obscure? No problem. Both CityMaps2Go and Google Maps have over thousands of directories to choose from!

  1. Google Drive / iOS, Android

Itching to put those finishing touches on that memo you've been working on? Need to start brainstorming for your next presentation? Then this app is sure to make your life that much easier.

When connected to WiFi at home, select a document from your Drive, tap the ellipses in the pop-up menu, and select Available offline. Google Drive will save the changes you’ve made locally andImage result for podcasts then sync them to your cloud once you’ve regained connectivity!

  1. Podcasts (iOS)

This free app allows you to fill in those boring moments on the subway with audio from all your favorite podcasts anytime, any place. From comedic offerings to local news, drama series and everything else in between, this app offers a plethora of podcasts that will soon make your daily commute something to look forward to. Simply download all your podcast when you're connected to WiFi, and then embark on your trip, now armed with hours of non-stop entertainment.

  1. Instapaper or Pocket / iOS, AndroidImage result for pocket

If you're the kind of person who loves to stay up-to-date on all the big headlines and breaking news, Instapaper and Pocket are the perfect apps for you. When planning ahead, simply click a “bookmarklet” in your open browser, and both apps will automatically save all those juicy long reads for offline devouring.

  1. Cut The Rope / iOS, Android

After a long day at work or class, make sure to ease your mind by playing a fun, yet extremely addictive game like Cut The Rope! Brought to you by the same company that invented the iconic Image result for cut the ropeAngry Birds, Cut The Rope is a pretty perplexing puzzle game that keeps you glued to your screen with its vibrant and colorful cartoon illustrations. Try it out for yourself. You may be able to post an impressive high score!

  1. Free WiFi Finder / iOS, Android

In our ever-so-connected world, sometimes there are emergencies that really do require decent connectivity. Luckily, the Free WiFi Finder, available for both Android and iOS, will help you pinpoint the nearest hot spot during those emergency situations.

It even has service in more than 50 countries around the world! Now that’s definitely a tool you want to keep in your pocket.


7 Apps That Can Improve Your Commute

Istanbul, Turkey - March 20, 2016: Woman looking on social media applications on a brand new white Apple iPhone 6s, which is designed and developed by Apple inc. and was released on September 9, 2015.


iOS: Free
Android: Free

For all my commuters who like to use their time on the bus to plan ahead or organize their busy schedule for the week, this is the perfect app for you. Whether you're organizing a huge group project, trying to coordinate a home renovation, or just planning your child's first birthday party, Trello is the best tool to guide you through it. With its easy to use features, you can reprioritize all your tasks and track every email, note, photo and checklist, all while sitting next to a stranger on the subway.


iOS: Free, $15/mo after 30 days
Android: Free, $15/mo after 30 days

After a long day at work, sometimes our eyes may want a little bit of rest. Audible allows you to do just that without having to give up your valuable reading time. With over 180,000 amazing stories and titles, Audible provides its users with the ability to listen to their favorite books wherever they go. Share your favorite parts and clips with friends and sync all your purchases for your next trip to work. This app is sure to bring out your inner bookworm.

Find My Car

iOS: Free
Android: Free

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find your car in the lot, especially after a long day's work. Well, consider your worries gone. Find My Car is an easy-to-use app that allows you to save your parking location by pinning your space on its map or by taking a picture. So when your day is finally over, Find My Car, will quickly direct you back to your vehicle. Find My Car also allows you monitor your parking time expiration, which means not only are you saying goodbye to the stress of losing your car, but also to worrying about seeing a pink or yellow slip on your dash once you return.


iOS: Free
Android: Free

Tired of using Waze? Wanna try something new? Just like Waze, Citymapper lists a large range of bus, train, and cab options to its city folks who don't have a vehicle. With its simple step-by-step routes and live times, Citymapper allows you to get to where you need to be as quickly and as stress free as possible. Citymapper also allows you to compare between all of your selected transit options in a fast and simple manner. Give Waze a rest, and give Citymapper a go.


iOS: Free
Android: Free

Put all the articles you want to read or want to finish reading later in your Pocket. Accessible from any device, Pocket saves any website you want for later consumption, with or without WiFi. But that's not even the best part: Pocket allows its users to customize their own reading library with a ton of different themes and colors that'll make your reading experience that much better.

Map My Ride

iOS: Free
Android: Free

Attention all bicyclists: With its unique and efficient route mapping software, Map My Ride has all the features you need to make the absolute best out of your daily ride. Not only does this award-winning app allow its users to search for bike maps, you can track cycling workouts with their online bike training log and your favorite biking routes.


iOS: Free
Android: Free

We all need some time to ourselves at the end of a long day. Well, what if I told you can do just that, but with a better and more effective technique? Headspace is an amazing meditation app that allows you to pause everything that is going on around you and relax, breathe, and clear your mind of all stresses. With its simple step-by-step walk throughs, this app is designed to act as a personal trainer for your mind.


Make every step count: Check out these 3 walking apps

Walking is definitely one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. However, it can be challenging to stay motivated to walk an optimal amount of time or distance every day. Keeping track of your walking progress might help to keep you focused and feel rewarded from completing your goals. Here are some fun gadgets and smartphone apps that record your walking routine for you.

MapMyWalk is a fitness tracking app that logs the details of your walking/running routine, such as the duration, distance, speed, elevation and calories burned. The app routes the path you traveled onto an interactive map with the built-in GPS on your phone, so you can get the most out of your walking routine by comparing the results of taking different routes.


The Nike+ Fuelband might be your best personal coach. This stylish wristband uses an accelerometer to measure the number of steps you take and calories burned each day. Set a daily goal for yourself, and your Fuelband will show you your progress throughout the day. The Fuelband synchronizes with your smartphone app, so you can share your achievements with your friends, as well as competing against them to reach the top of the list.

The Instant Heart Rate app created by Azumio was one of the winners of the Mobile Premier Awards 2011. This smart app can measure and record your heart rate by detecting the pulse from your fingertip. By gently pressing your index finger on the phone camera, the app detects the color changes of your fingertip as the capillaries inside expand and contract. It tells you the optimal heart rate for fat-burning and cardio. Pretty cool, isn't it?