Summer BruinGo Program

Summer BruinGo! riders must purchase a Flash Pass

Even those of us who don't ride public transit on a regular basis love the BruinGo! Program because we can hop on a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus or a Culver CityBus any time with just a quarter in our pocket and BruinCard in hand.  Unfortunately, it gets a little complicated in the summer.

To take advantage of UCLA Transportation's subsidy in the summer, all riders must purchase a Flash Pass for $22.50.  With the Flash Pass, riders don't have to deplete their laundry fund or swipe a BruinCard.  As the name implies, all you have to do is flash your Flash Pass to the driver and you're done!

The Summer Flash Pass is already on sale until July 23rd, and the first day to use it is Monday, June 14th.  You can read all about the program and buy the Flash Pass on UCLA Transportation's website.  The Summer Flash Pass is good through September 12th, and the regular program resumes September 13th.

For those of you on the fence about trading in your parking permit for a Flash Pass, take a look at the numbers!  If you have a staff or student yellow permit, it costs you $189 a quarter, compared to $22.50 for a Flash Pass.  That's a 90% savings on just the parking itself!  We won't even get into gas prices, car maintenance and the stress of driving through Westwood traffic!

So if you are a BruinGo! participant, or wish to try it out for the summer take note of these summer changes.  Here is a summary of the Summer Flash Pass details:

Purchase dates: May 31 - July 23
Valid dates: June 14 - September 12
Cost: $22.50

Big Blue Bus Super 12 Riders
Please note that Friday, June 11 is the last day of Super 12 service for the summer.  The service takes its annual summer break until limited service starts on Monday, August 30 and resumes full service on Monday, September 13.