The passage of Measure R on Tuesday was aided by the student members of Bruins for Traffic Relief, a new transit advocacy group at UCLA. (Disclosure: I-Sirinya the Intern-am also a member; that is me pictured below).

Measure R will pay for a litany of traffic and transit improvements, all of which will hopefully do two very important things: one, cut the amount of time everyone spends in traffic and two, reduce the amount of fuel we waste while sitting in traffic.

You might have noticed how your car does much better mileage while out on the open highway. Imagine the ecological ramifications of 10 million LA County residents sitting in traffic each day, stop and going, wasting who knows how much fuel each day.

But if we can spend Measure R as the ballot measure was written - on fixing sidewalks so people may actually walk on them; on building alternative modes; on syncronizing traffic signals so cars don't idle unnecessarily - then we are in the position to actually make a drastic improvement in our air quality here in Los Angeles.

The passage of Measure R, and the completion of its heralded projects, will hopefully enable UCLA staff and students to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our commutes even further.

Meanwhile, UCLA Sustainability published this story online. It's matter of time until we get our own story posted online! Credit for the article goes to the staff at UCLA Sustainability.

Sirinya Tritipeskul thanks Angelinos for passing Measure R.

Pictured to the right: UCLA graduate students Juan Matute and Sirinya Tritipeskul at the press conference on the passage of measure of R. This photo was originally posted by Darryll Clarke to LA Visions.

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