UCLA Green Bike Lane and Bike Box at Strathmore and Westwood

UCLA Transportation recently installed the campus' first bike lane and bike box along Strathmore Place, between Charles E. Young Drive West and Westwood Plaza.

The Strathmore Bike Lane was painted green in different segments where motorists have to crossover the bike lane in order to turn into Parking Structure 8, or onto Westwood Plaza. The green segments raise the visibility of cyclists and helps improve motorist behavior. Green bike lanes, and similar roadway treatments, have been implemented in a number of other cities around the country - New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Long Beach and Los Angeles just to name a few.

The bike box is on the Strathmore and Westwood Plaza intersection. Bike boxes help safely position bicyclists in front of motorists, in order to help avoid collisions between motorists turning right, and cyclists going straight.

The Strathmore Bike Lane and Bike Box were designed by Rock Miller, Principal Engineer for Stantec. Rock Miller has also helped design and implement different bike facilities, such as the green bike lanes in Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles.

A westbound Strathmore bike lane is planned to be implemented, once the new Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference and Guest Center is completed.

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