Our team with the START team is nearing an end, and I must take a moment to say that I will miss them lots! They are about to head into finals, so I'll be the one providing the latest update.

For starters, the Sustainable Transportation video produced by START was a finalist in UCLA Sustainability's sustainable video contest, and eventually tied for 2nd place for the Judge's Prize. Nina emphasized that this was a great way for the team to expand its reach in educating people about transportation options (especially biking) to UCLA. In case you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Last Monday, Mike and I joined 200 people to listen to the START team present its work over the past 20 weeks. In addition to getting a crash course in transportation planning and engineering and producing the video, START conducted a survey to collect attitudinal data about cycling to and at UCLA and reviewed the content and structure of bicycle.ucla.edu.

We look forward to receiving their recommendations sometime next week. Hopefully, Anand will be back to talk about their next steps!