Spotted: Yesterday, at about 2PM. Student traveling uphill, to the Hill - quite leisurely, if I don't say so myself - on CEY past the IM field on his Segway.

Not shockingly, said student was leaning forward into the Segway (that's how you get it to move) while chatting on his app phone.

I myself was on a lunch break exercise trot around campus, and did double-take. I've seen a lot of cops, tourists, and BID ambassadors on Segways, but not a layperson.

So question(s): Who is this person? Where does this person live, and, better yet, where does he park his Segway?

So many questions, so little answers. And the only layperson I know to use the Segway as his primary form of transport is the movie character Paul Blart, who loves the Segway so much that he had one for personal use.