Spotted: Culver CityBus Rapid 6 doing a test run going northbound on Westwood Boulevard, 11:55AM.

Source: Matthew Kroneberger, president of Bruins for Traffic Relief

Recipient of tip: Yours truly.

Description: "Note that the bus did say 'Not In Service'; green; has silvery streaks above entry door; not articulated; new exterior design; bus has a rounded back".

Feelings on said bus: "TBD (waiting until launch on January 4th); but the Local 6 is pretty snappy, given it travels along a congested street."

What is what: Culver CityBus launches the Rapid version of Line 6 (UCLA-Green Line Station, along Sepulveda) on January 4th.

For more info,  check out this powerpoint presentation (and I promise more information is coming too):

Line 6 rapid Service

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