Spotted: BruinBus-branded Campus Shuttle pulling out of MacGowan Circle. Source: Reader submitted.

Spotted: "Bruin Bus" logos affixed on top of UCLA Transit buses

Description: Dark blue (but not an official UCLA Blue) lettering, looks sort of like Impact (I've been corrected; it's a modified Bell Gothic), with a snappy dotted "i". I'm thinking that the idea is inspired by of how Coca Cola sells itself based on just its name in a certain font (but I'm a transportation geek, not a designer, so what do I know?)

What is What: My understanding is that UCLA Transportation saw the NextBus transition as an opportunity to establish this cohesive identity for our campus shuttle routes as well as for our charter bus services. (Many Bruins have ridden a UCLA Transit-chartered bus -- the Rooter Bus to Rose Bowl anyone? -- but its availability as a service has flown under the radar. Given that the Bruin Buses are pretty darn nice buses, maybe this could change!)

And that snappy "i"?The dot in the "i" came from an earlier logo design, which included a rendering of a UCLA shuttle bus. The "i" in Bruin was positioned to include the tire and wheel of that bus. The final logo omits the bus, but retains the dot, which to me looks springy.

And a Sneak Peak: Here's a rendering of what the new bus stops will look like. Note: They incorporate the new Bruin Bus logo and will provide information on accessing NextBus

arrival times via phone, text, or web.

CURRENT: What a Campus Express bus stop looks like right now

MOCK UP: What a Bruin Bus stop will look like in the near future.