Hi BeAGreenCommuter readers!

This morning is my first attempt at this, so it’s a bit long and wonky. I’d appreciate your feedback, especially on coining a good name for this feature.

I’ve decided to try something new here. Each morning, I skim through morning headlines related to transportation as part of my work here. Many of the stories are of interest to me, and possibly to you, our readers. But it’s a bit cumbersome to write a story about each of them. Thus, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to create a lunch-time headlines-section of my own.

Again, there are many excellent blogs that do this too, such as LAist, LA Streetsblog, and Metro’s The Source. Be A Green Commuter, however, is the blog of record for UCLA Transportation, and my rationale is that it might be nice to cull headlines that are pertinent to our department as history unfolds and offer some commentary that might be relevant (or at least entertaining) for our audience.

  • Today, Westwoodians are in for a treat; the Westside Subway Extension team comes to our part of the city to discuss the results of the DEIS/R with us.
  • Yes, it’s true: Per LAist, Watch Out, Westside Traffic: 40,000 Students Head to UCLA. Classes don’t start until Thursday, but students are coming onto campus to buy textbooks, attend activities, and be with one another.
  • My colleague Charles Carter (along with DC-based friends of mine) heralded the arrival of Capitol Bikeshare, a bikeshare program that will grow to a fleet of 1,100 across Washington, DC and Arlington County. There has been chatter about doing this in LA, but for the time being, the people of UCLA will have to settle for the launch of a bike library in a few short weeks (details forthcoming). 
  • Charles also got excited about Microsoft’s September 17th announcement that Bing Maps will be offering transit directions. But like many of the commenters on this CNET article, I wondered about the data that Bing Maps was using to generate directions. How wonderfully ironic if Microsoft was using data in the Google-developed General Transit Feed Specification format.

Finally, I liked a story written yesterday by The Source’s Steve Hymon about a Buzzer Blog post regarding responses to a recent poll asking how many readers had ever loaded a bike onto a bus bike rack.

Metro has this flyer:

"Loading Metro Bike Racks" flyer produced by Metro

I especially enjoyed this instructional video produced by TARC, the Louisville, KY, transit agency, in 2008:

Note: All of the transit agencies serving but AVTA have bike racks. BruinBus's transit manager told me her department is very seriously exploring the feasibility of installing bike racks on their buses.