A recent  survey cosponsored by Move LA, the American Lung Association and the National Resources Defense Council showed that Southern California voters preferred investing funds in public transportation instead of roads. Results also showed that voters preferred "walkable, mixed-use communities over conventional residential neighborhoods" that require driving.

Survey participants prioritized expanding public transit over expanding roads and highways by a whopping two-to-one margin. They also specifically viewed investing in public transportation as the most effective approach to reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. Amanda Eaken, NRDC’s deputy director of sustainable communities, summed it up best by saying, "If Southern California voters were in charge of our transportation plans, the region would look very different. Voters understand what so many studies have told us: widening roads will not solve traffic congestion. Instead, designing communities that increase our mobility and freedom — helping us to get out of our cars — is what will ultimately solve the problem."

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