Do you remember when you were new to UCLA and just figuring out the ropes? Did you wish someone with more experience would give you a helping hand?

Help make the transition to UCLA quick and easy for our new Bruins by sharing your insider knowledge with them. Give us all of your secret shortcuts, money savers and insider knowledge about getting to and around UCLA without a car through our Facebook page. The top five green transportation tips will be shared with the incoming undergraduate class of 2016, and you could win 2 free AMC Gold movie passes!

Here's some examples for inspiration:

Take the free BruinBus grocery shuttle from the Hill on Saturdays to get your weekly stash of ramen and mac and cheese.

Get a BruinGO! Flash Pass and take quick trips on the Big Blue Bus to the beach whenever you like!

If you commute to campus, get a carpool buddy and split the cost of a discounted carpool parking permit.

You can also include photos with your submission! Just make sure they are your own original work. You must be a current UCLA student, staff or faculty member to enter.

Go to our Facebook page to submit your green transportation tip.