Establishing Shot: The 405

The I-405 will look a lot like this during between July 15-July 18. Source: Atwater Village Newbie/Flickr.

The I-405 will be closed between the 101 and 10 throughout an entire weekend in mid-July in order for Caltrans to demolish one half of the Mullholland Bridge.

Closure details

  • The mid-July closure of the I-405 stretches between the 101 and 10 freeway interchanges
  • I-405 will be completely closed to vehicular traffic starting midnight on July 15th
  • I-405 will reopen at 5AM on July 18th
  • Note: Caltrans and Metro will begin some lane closures before midnight on the 405 in preparation for the entire freeway closure.

UCLA Transportation is beginning to formulate its response. This includes checking event schedules to understand potential impacts. Based on what I have gleaned from news reports, officials expect alternatives to the 405, such as Beverly Glen, to be very congested.

PR Blitz Commences

Already, the PR blitz to ensure that the pending I-405 closure is common knowledge by July has commenced: