Since I arrived in Westwood three years ago sans car, I have made it a point of patronizing as many of the businesses I could (especially the restaurants and shopping establishments). While I lived in Weyburn, it was simply easier to look for what I needed first in the Village. And now that I work here at the University, I like to figure out what services and goods I can get nearby within walking distance of the campus.

Of course, it is no secret to many of us that there are many vacant storefronts in Westwood Village (at least 40 at my last count). Sometimes, we get to welcome a new business:

Barney's Beanery slated to open on Broxton Avenue in April, via Daily Bruin.

Sometimes we also have to say goodbye:

RIP to Chili’s Westwood starting Wednesday at 3PM. A two-story Mexican food chain that has been in Westwood since the departure of Duet, the controversial nightclub that elicited phone calls to police because neighbors spotted people dancing inside the venue.

A few weeks ago, I walked from my office to the Designer Shoe Warehouse on Gayley Avenue only to discovered that it had closed. I could have sworn that I was able to buy socks there in November! Evidently, DSW closed its Westwood location at the end of 2009.

And at last night’s Bruins for Traffic Relief meeting, I learned that the Gardens on Glendon also closed at the end of 2009. Apparently I live under a rock:

I remember my roommate used to go there all the time. (In fact, she might have been the only person I knew who went there and liked it.)