This reader submission comes from Miinkay Yu, Clinical Decision Support Analyst at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Miinkay has been riding a bike for six years, 2.5 of those in LA. Send your reader submissions to

Weekday mornings I wake up, put on my nice business casual slacks and shirt and eat a light breakfast. Then I roll up my right pant leg, clip down my left pant leg, put on my gloves, strap on my helmet, shoulder my messenger bag, carry my bike downstairs and ride to work. When I built him most things were mismatched – the brake shifters, crank arms, pedals – so I named him Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is a 49cm, 1980 Steel Bridgestone with down tube shifters, 7 speed cassette, Orange Velo BB and Crank set, two right handed brake levers, Pinhead Anti-theft skewers, and a Specialized Riva saddle.

We’ve ridden through downtown, to the Marina, all over Santa Monica and more. I love the feeling of flying on my bike down an empty road. I love knowing that I got somewhere using my own strength. And I love blowing by cars stuck in traffic. When Frankenstein needs a tune up I go to Bikerowave on Venice and Centinela and when I need dessert we go to Blockheads on Sawtelle. This is the life.

-Miinkay Yu