It's the last day of Rideshare Week! You have until 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight to submit your pledge online and be entered to win four Disneyland tickets, tickets to Cirque du Soleil, a Color Nook e-reader and more!

There might not be any time left this week to try out an alternative transportation mode, but your pledge need not be made in vain. It certainly doesn't have to be Rideshare Week to try something new for your commute. Why not burn some calories and get some exercise each day by cycling to campus?

UCLA has a growing and thriving bicycle community, and you can easily be a part of it. According to the UCLA Bicycle Master Plan, we are committed the following mission:

“To improve cycling conditions and promote the bicycle as a transportation mode on, to and from campus, UCLA will set policies and provide infrastructure to support and accommodate bicycling.”

Following this mission, on October 16th we are holding the inaugural Bike Re(cycling) Day! This event will make great use of the dozens of abandoned bikes left on campus each year. We've gathered them up in one location and are making these bicycles and parts available to anyone and everyone, free of charge. Help us spread the word about Bike Re(cycling) day by using any of the text and images from this communications kit. And please RSVP on Facebook if you're planning on attending so we can make the best acommodations possible.

See you on October 16th!