To workHow many of you walk to work? It's more than just good exercise. Studies show that walking to work can alleviate stress, help you come up with a creative solution to a work problem, improve your health and generally make you a happier person. Thanks for sharing your stories, Mary and Eileen!


I walk to work.  The biggest delay is waiting for the light to change at Wilshire Blvd and Selby Avenue.  I know all the dogs (and their guardians) as I walk.  Usually it is quite uneventful!

Eileen Callahan

I live south of Wilshire and walk to work every day. I enjoy the fresh air and at this time of year, the scent of jasmine, which is in bloom right now. I don’t use my ear buds preferring to hear birds and more importantly, approaching cars! It’s a great way to start the day. I’m revved up and ready to go when I reach the office.