Vanpool_poolparty001We're marking the end of May with our third Rideshare Thursdays roundup from these UCLA commuters. We have more gift cards to give away so keep sending us your rideshare pictures and stories! Thanks for sharing, Daniel and Amanda!

Daniel Cheng

"Ride and Found"
The ride from West LA to campus is a treasure trove for bicycle commuters.
Over the years, I have come across wallets, cell phones, hand tools, yoga mats, flashlights, jackets, sunglasses, etc. on the road. Of course, the wallets were quickly returned intact to its owners. Then there are the numerous discarded inner tubes which just needed a patch job and now can be given away to someone who has a flat. And why are there so many Toyota hubcaps on the road?

Amanda Ogden

Vanpool is the way to go! I love my morning and evening naps. I am certain my family loves me even more for taking my naps too! Thank you vanpool!