We're loving the submissions we've been getting for Rideshare Thursdays. Here's an inspirational biking story for those of you who think navigating a bike can be intimidating, impossible or inconvenient. We'll be sure to keep posting awesome #UCLARideshare photos and stories as long as you keep sending them. Enjoy the ride! And thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story!

Lisa Rose

Commute Home Mdr-PdRI started getting serious about commuting on my bike in February.  I ride from UCLA to Dockweiler Beach at Imperial Hwy.  Here’s a shot of my bike at sunset on the bridge from Marina del Rey to Playa del Rey.

The ride can be very scary and I’ve learned not to get too comfortable until I’m on the Bologna Creek Bike Path because I’ve almost been taken out by distracted drivers, but I love it!  That feeling of releasing the stress of the day once I get on the bike is sweet and there is no need for “a few minutes to clear my mind” when I get home because I’m already relaxed.  You just don’t get that while driving in the car. Another bonus of riding: It’s pretty cool the way pedestrians and even people stopped in their cars at the light will roll down their windows and have a conversation or give you the thumbs up.

By the way, I’m 52, diabetic, have hypertension, carpal tunnel, knee issues (torn meniscus/arthritis/patella femoral syndrome) and, if you have not guessed yet, I’m obese.  I say all this to say that if I can do it, anyone can!!