We're wrapping up Rideshare Thursdays with the perfect smart commute story. Frustrated with traffic yet faced with an inflexible schedule, Anel thought driving alone to work was her only option. But after learning about UCLA Transportation's many alternative commute options, she was determined to make her life less stressful. With some research, our help and a little bit of elbow grease, she was able to nail down a bus route that suited her needs to a 'T'.

We're so happy we were able to assist you, Anel! Thank you for being undeterred in your pursuit of a sustainable commute, and for allowing us to share your story!

Anel H.

I turned in my parking permit and am now riding the LADOT commuter bus! I’m enjoying the time to read on the bus and the nice walk to and from my office. The total commute time, including waiting for the bus, is the same as driving, but I no longer have to fight traffic. I’m so excited and can't thank you enough! I’m not only saving money, but am getting some exercise, time to myself, and saving my sanity.