child bikeHere's a heartwarming #RideshareThursday story. This UCLA ridesharer gets in some quality mother-daughter bonding time, all while being a green commuter and teaching her daughter about active and sustainable transportation. It's a win-win-win situation. What a wonderful picture you've painted for us, Darice. We're sure your daughter will be able to help you up those hills soon. Thanks for sharing your story.

Darice Wong

As many times a week as we can muster, I bike to work with my daughter, who attends UCLA's Krieger Child Care Center at Bellagio and Sunset. We start on the west side of the VA campus and cut through and across the 405 using the bike lane continuing with Church Lane. It's a lot of steep uphills on the way to her daycare and work, and a lot of great coasting downhill to home. She used to ride in a trailer hitched to my bike, but she got bored of that, and always opened the cover while we rode because she wanted the wind in her face. Recently she's found a brand new excitement in getting up and ready for school by riding a trail-a-bike behind me, which is like a child's tandem attached to a full-sized bike. Her enthusiasm for the ride is what gets me on the bike, even when I'm tired. Hopefully with some practice she can actually help me peddle up the hills!