For some commuters, vanpools aren't just a convenient and efficient way to get to campus. Sharing your commute with the same individuals every day can lead to friendships and bonds being formed. A general sense of camaraderie, of all of you being in the same boat.

For Muneeza, her vanpool group has become "more like a family," and we're incredibly happy for her. She's this week's #UCLARideshare story. Thanks for sharing, Muneeza!

Muneeza Irfani

My story about vanpool for Van 4866 is a nice one.

All the drivers and passengers are from different divisions of UCLA, but we have one thing in common: wanting a quicker and more comfortable commute to work and back.

This has led to a great deal of unity among the van group, sharing different commute shortcut ideas, announcements of any possible traffic incidents that might cause delays and a general friendliness. We have several passengers who like to do traffic checks on their cellphone devices on apps such as Waze and then relay those checks to the drivers. We are all more like a family, and that is the van atmosphere that we look forward to every day. We love our van family. They are the best!