UCLA Try Transit Promo

Did you know we're giving away free BruinGo! Flash Passes if you're willing to Try Transit? For one quarter, you'll get unlimited rides on any Santa Monica Big Blue Bus or Culver CityBus. Make your life a little bit easier by avoiding parking on campus. Imagine the money—and time—you'd save! M.T.'s got the right idea. Check our her #UCLARideshare story.

And don't forget: If you've got a story of your own to share, or even just a cool photo of your commute, send it to us at uclatransportation@gmail.com. If we publish it, we'll give you a free gift card.

Thanks for ridesharing, M.T.!


I love BruinGo! My daily commute consists of walking 138 feet to the bus stop, then hopping on the 12 to get to campus. Compared with driving, the bus drops me off closer to campus than walking from the parking structure.

Thank you so much BruinGo! I don't know what I'd do without you.