• 11 staff, students, UCLA Health System employees or faculty living in the same general community with the same campus schedule
  • 3 or more of these people willing to qualify for and be a vanpool co-driver or back-up driver
  • 1 comfortable UCLA commuter vanpool vehicle

First, calculate how much it really costs you to drive alone each month—remember to include your insurance, preventative maintenance and repair costs. 

Add in the environmental benefits of sharing the ride and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Mix in all the applicable personal non-tangible benefits of vanpooling (being able to sleep, read, listen to music, study, catch up on emails, talk, safely text with your hands not surgically glued to the steering wheel of your vehicle, or simply relax). 

Drizzle in the incentives from being part of the Bruin Commuter Club

Saute all the above ingredients to taste, then combine into a specially-equipped vehicle and, voilà, you’re serving up a micro-community of Bruins who enjoy a better way to get to UCLA. 

A best-kept secret for those in the know no more!