Per the Great LA Walk website, the weather people are presently predicting that there is a 40% chance of rain. Rain, schmain: Rain will not stop me. I will come with my umbrella and/or a poncho, and wool socks (they retain heat when wet.)

Besides, this is LA: It's not supposed to rain here!

Note: My pedestrian planner friend Katie at Where the Sidewalk Starts cannot make it to the walk, so I will be guest blogging about my experience on her blog. Expect to see a post sometime Sunday afternoon.

Fun reading:

  • Matt the Librarian and his fantastic staff at Metro wrote up this blog entry about Wilshire Boulevard. Apparently, there is some language in Los Angeles's Municipal Code that, essentially, banishes rail lines from traversing above ground on Wilshire indefinitely.
  • Also, the LA Conservancy has a fun, interactive website all about the history of Wilshire Boulevard.