Gio and Brian

Gio and Brian

Carpoolers Giovanny Barrientos and Brian Hope are both staff members at UCLA Events & Transportation. Brian is our Special Events Coordinator and Gio is our Customer Service Supervisor at Bruin Commuter Services. And before that, Brian and Gio were both undergraduate students at UCLA and knew each other as student workers on campus! We asked both of them about their experience carpooling to campus and they shared their story with us. Thanks for speaking with us, Gio and Brian!

Where do you carpool to UCLA from?

Brian: I pick up Gio from his apartment, which is 6 miles away from work.

Gio: We carpool from Culver City.

How long have you been carpooling together?

Gio: About four months. Before that, I used to take the bus. But with carpooling, I now get to sleep longer. I used to wake up early to catch the Culver CityBus 6 line. I also do not have to worry about missing the bus and waiting for the next line. Therefore, I am more relaxed about not being late to work. I also get to listen to the Kevin & Bean show!

Brian: I also now save over 50% on parking costs since we started carpooling. I pay about $30 a month now compared to $74!

How do you divide the roles (passenger/driver) in your carpool?

Gio: Brian is the driver and I bring the humor.

Brian: Gio’s role is to provide entertainment and to pay for half the permits total cost. He also gives me a small amount for gas money, about $20 a month.

What are some challenges you've faced while carpooling?

Brian: One of the challenges is when one of us oversleeps or is running late, it can lead to them both of us being late to work.

Gio: And sometimes we need to wait for one another to complete a project at work before heading home. But it really isn't much of an issue.

What do you do when one of you is sick or goes on vacation?

Brian: Gio and I are pretty good about letting each other know when someone is not going to be there or is going to call out sick. We both can use alternative means to get to work if need be.

Gio: When Brian is out, I take the bus. There are always great alternative modes of transportation. For these types of days, I see it as an opportunity to walk and burn some calories.

Has anything strange or unexpected happen during one of your trips?

Gio: It took us a couple of months before we decided to venture onto the 405. Overall, taking the freeway has been great for us and time efficient. However, the first time we decided to take the freeway there was an accident and a minor brush fire. Unfortunately, we had just gotten on the on-ramp when we heard the radio instruct vehicles to avoid the 405 North freeway. That tip was a little too late.

Brian: Unexpected things happen all the time. That’s why it’s a fun drive to work now!

How would you describe your carpool experience in three words?

Gio: Starsky & Hutch. Actually: Convenient and enjoyable!