The Westwood Flyaway, in concert with UCLA, is ramping up service during the Thanksgiving holiday.

In fact, Flyaway is even sending two separate buses to the Hill on the day before Thanksgiving to shuttle undergrads to LAX in addition to regular pick-ups at Lot 32.

According to this flyer, the FlyAway will is sending two buses directly to the residence halls on Wednesday, November 23. There will be two stops, one on Covel steps and another at Hedrick, between 10:15 and 6:15pm, scheduled to depart on the 15 and 45.

Note: The Flyaway is only running the extra Hill pick-up service on the day before Thanksgiving.

However, have no fear, UCLA Transportation, Housing, and Fleet & Transit have stepped up. They will run shuttles on the Sunday after Thanksgiving between 10AM and 11PM to transport Hill residents from the Flyaway to the dorms.

The Flyaway is also running larger buses during peak times. To learn more, click here.

-Sirinya the Intern

UPDATE: This morning (11/21), UCLA Today posted a story about the supplemental Thanksgiving service. Woohoo!