Cargo Bike With TreeEveryone knows the majority of us leave all of our holiday shopping till the last minute. Whether it’s getting a tree, gifts or food for a holiday meal all can be taken care of without the use of a car!

Biking with a treePicking out a Christmas tree can be a big family decision but that doesn’t mean you need to pile everyone into an SUV to get it.

This year, take a family bike train to pick up the tree! You can use a cargo bike if you have one or simply bungee the tree to yourself like a backpack! The extra effort will be worth the new memories.

Instead of getting all your gifts at once spread it out over a couple of days. Use a shopping trolley and checkout local boutiques and small businesses that are walking distance from your home.Shopping Trolley

Grocery shopping, the daunting task of bringing home food to prepare a feast, this is can be intimidating with a car let alone without! Our suggestion is to plan a menu ahead of time and pick lighter healthier dishes. Dishes with fewer and fresh ingredients will help lighten the load.

In addition to a light holiday menu, use reusable bags to carry your groceries and make the trek home easier.Reusable Bag If you do not live within a reasonable walking distance from a grocery store try public transit or a cargo bike instead.

By using public transit, biking and walking to do your holiday planning you will be fighting all those pounds that come with the holidays!