Pinata!  That's what's really going to bring my party to the next level.  It was a Friday morning when I decided this. So, I ditched work and headed downtown on the Metro. I love seeing the sights along the way, which sometimes provide a source of inspiration. La Brea Tar Pits...never been...Korean BBQ...will have to go this weekend...99 Cents store...I have a great idea!  Upon arriving at the pinata warehouses on Central and Olympic, a giant zebra pinata caught my eye--about the size of a 10 year-old child and reminded me of the painted Tijuana burro from my college days.  So there I was, on a busy street corner, waiting for the bus, with a giant paper mache burro/zebra by my side. As if being the only Chinese kid in that part of town didn't draw enough stares. Interestingly, I felt infinitely more at home on the bus, probably because of the inevitable crazies seem to congregate there (just be thankful that those people don't drive!). For example, on this particular occasion, I heard the sound of a water bottle being emptied onto the floor behind me. Upon turning around, I see that said water bottle was actually some drunk vomiting. Naturally, this drew attention away from the fact that my burro/zebra was taking up two bus seats (had we flown, I would've had to pay for 3 seats!). I then had to transfer somewhere in downtown LA, so I'm running through the Jewelry district with my pinata thrown over my shoulder, when a girl standing on the side walk reaches for it and brings it into a cheap watch store. She wouldn't give it back until I bought something. Normally, I wouldn't fall for such schemes, but they sold watches and sunglasses that were pretty blingin' for $10. So I bought a few and went on my merry way. In the end the party was a success. We recruited some neighborhood kids to whack open the pinata while we sat back and watched. Imagine the looks on their faces when various household items purchased from the 99 Cents store (e.g., chamois, antibacterial lotion, bags of Jasmine brown rice) and $10 watches and sunglasses poured onto the floor. There are some things money can't buy...bus fare is not one of them.