The Xootr Scooter has found its way into the hearts of celebrities and entertainment industry prop managers. From the Xootr website:

Tom Brady, football star, on a Xootr.

Hugh Jackman on a Xootr. Source: US Magazine via Xootr website.

Matthew Broderick and his son on a Xootr.

Kate Hudson on a Xootr with her son Ryder. Source: Bricks & Stone Gossip via Xootr website.

Uma Thurman and her Xootr. Source: AutoBlogGreen via TMZ, via Xootr website

The Xootr Scooter is also a much beloved form of transportation in the charming 2005 movie Little Manhattan, starring Josh Hutcherson ("The Kids Are All Right") and Charlie Ray:

Rosemary (Charlie Ray) walks alongside Gabe (Josh Hutcherson), who is on his Xootr Scooter.

Gabe and Rosemary travel across the Brooklyn Bridge on Gabe's Xootr Scooter in the movie "Little Manhattan".