Another thing you might enjoy about Xootrs is that there’s this really awesome community around them.

This community meets in person (granted in New York)

  • In New York City, there are weekly bike rides through Central Park (Saturdays, 10AM, Loeb Boathouse, located on the left-hand side of the East Drive, north of the 5th Ave. & 72nd Street entrance to the Park.)

But much of the community exists over the internet:

And, of course, you know me and my sig-o, and we can call all of the kick scooterers out there in the LA metro to join us on group rides. Juan and I also use the Xootr as an excuse to go outside and see friends who live in our neighborhood since we don't have to worry about parking.

There is also something inherently socializing about kick scooters such as the Xootr. You can ride two abreast on the sidewalk (although I don’t always encourage that), and Xootrs don’t make much noise, so you can actually carry a conversation.

This lovely video, produced by NYCE Wheels in New York City, features a couple on their Xootr Scooters socializing with one another at a farmer’s market.