Parking Structure 6 is closing July 1, 2013 for the construction of the Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference and Guest Center. Visitors will be able to park on the top level of Structure 8. Motorcycle parking has been added to Structure 9, Level 1.

As part of the construction, Ackerman Turnaround will close on July 8, 2013 and remain closed through the summer of 2016 for renovations. The turnaround will not be accessible, and all deliveries, pick-ups and drop-offs will need to relocate.

Go to the Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center website for more information or contact UCLA Transportation Parking Services at (310) 206-3884.

Bus stops at the Ackerman Turnaround will be relocated to the following locations:


  • University Apartment Shuttles: Med Plaza/NPI Stop

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus:

Rapid 12 (weekdays) and all other buses (evenings/weekends) will all use the route and stops listed below.

  • Northbound buses will drop off passengers at Stein Plaza and CEY / PS 2  (route: north on Westwood, right on CEY)
  • Southbound buses will pick up passengers at CEY / PS 2 and Westwood / Weyburn (route: north on CEY, right on Westholme, right on Hilgard, right on Le Conte, left on Westwood)
  • BBB will no longer serve the southbound Med Plaza stop on any of its routes

Culver CityBus:

  • Rapid 6 and Local 6: Med Plaza pick-up and drop-off on east side of Westwood Plaza


  • Lines 2/302: Westwood/Le Conte