Dave K in Parking Spot with Bike

I gave up my parking permit on Friday, May 30. I handed in my permit and gate access card to one of the cashiers in the Transportation lobby, signed the payroll deduction cancellation form and went on my way.

I had a relationship with that permit since I arrived on campus in 2006. Now, I am alone – solo – without a guaranteed parking space on campus. Would it be okay?  Funny that I should feel a little uncertain, since I’m deeply involved in the alternative mode programs that Events & Transportation offers. But I drove to work for years, accustomed to commuting by car. Then, last summer I started biking to campus.

I quickly found that I could combine biking with busing, and, when I needed to, I could still occasionally drive to campus and park at the discounted rate with my Bruin Commuter Park membership.

With my parking permit, I didn’t have to think about my commute or do anything more difficult than sliding into my car and pointing it towards campus. Yet, over time, driving had its negatives. I noticed that I enjoy my bike commute and grumbled when I was sitting in my car stuck in traffic.

Biking is great exercise and even public transit use requires some moderate walking. Either way, my blood pressure level has improved, I’m more fit, and I’ve saved money each month. So I wonder if I’ll ever miss my parking permit…nah!

Dave Karwaski

Senior Associate Director – Planning, Policy & Traffic Systems

UCLA Transportation