Flyer for Westwood Squared, Westwood's Park(ing) Day spot this coming Friday

A group of Westwood residents, workers, stakeholders, and students will come together to participate in the city-wide Park(ing) Day festivities this coming Friday.

The space will be branded as "Westwood Squared". Between the hours of 9AM-5PM, you'll be able to find people hanging out at the parking space adjacent to 1130 Westwood Boulevard, by Lindbrook Avenue.
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What 1130 Westwood Blvd looks usually.

According to the Park(ing) Day LA website, there will be 13 Park(ing) Day locations scattered across the Los Angeles area, from Santa Monica Spoke's location at 802 Broadway to downtown Glendale Park at Broadway and Brand Boulevards.

Park(ing) Day locations around the LA metro area

The purpose of Park(ing) Day is to transform a metered parking spot into a park-for-a-day in an effort to make a public comment on the lack of quality open space in American cities. The Park(ing) day website says that the original goal was to reprogram the urban surface by reclaiming streets for people to rest, relax and play and to make a statement about the paucity of open space in our cities.

Park(ing) Day 2008, Los Angeles
Example of a Park(ing) Day Location in 2008. Credits: Waltaar/Flickr

Yours truly hopes to be manning the space between 2 and 4PM in support of Park(ing) Day. I think there's value in supporting a cause that seeks to make a point about the profound ramifications of our society's decision to allow our demand for space for roads to trump our need for public spaces.

By the way, Damien Newton of LA Streetsblog will be organizing a bike ride for interested people to travel between the Park(ing) Day location in Mar Vista (St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 11555 National Blvd.) and the Westwood location starting after 2PM. Details here.