As we approach the I Heart Walking Grand Finale tomorrow at noon, we wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the pedestrian improvements we have implemented at UCLA over the past few years.

Whether you drive, bike, carpool or take public transit to get to and around campus, walking is a part of everyone's commute. UCLA Transportation works to continually improve the campus environment and provide safe and efficient passage for all pedestrians.

Projects Completed and Ongoing in 2013

  • High-visibility crosswalk treatments were installed near Macgowan
  • High-visibility crosswalk treatments are currently being installed to the existing crosswalk on Westwood near the Ronald Reagan Hospital. The project should be completed within two weeks.
  • Ongoing: Added speed limit stenciling on the roadway pavement as vehicles enter campus in December 2012

Last Year (2012)

  • Added a stop sign at Murphy Hall, northbound approach
  • Added striping to the brick paver crosswalk between PS-3 and Melnitz to the south
  • Added striping to the south Murphy Hall crosswalk on CEY Dr
  • Added striping to the north Murphy Hall crosswalk and ped crossing signs
  • Restriped two crosswalks on the front side (Sunset side) of the elementary school with continental treatments
  • Restriped the crosswalk at the Faculty Center with a continental treatment
  • Added No Ped Crossing signs on Kinross Ave. in the vicinity of the Gayley Alleyway to deter jaywalking across Kinross


  • Restriped the crosswalk between the Law School and Murphy Hall Lot A exit with a continental treatment, a.k.a. piano keys (rather than just two stripes across the street)
  • Added a stop sign to the Royce Hall loading dock driveway due to pedestrian volume crossing in that location
  • Restriped the crosswalk between PS-2 and Young Hall with a continental treatment, added a stop sign for vehicles exiting the parking structure in the same location


  • Added a speed hump on the access road to PS-5 and the elementary school pickup area
  • Restriped the crosswalk in the same location with a continental treatment


  • Added a speed hump on the access road to the Krieger Child Care center and appropriate signage
  • Created two bicycle/skateboard dismount zones to avoid collisions with pedestrians (Bruin Walk/Plaza and the south sidewalk along PS-8)


  • Added detectable warning pads on the crosswalk in front of the south entrance of PS-9
  • Within the PS-9 driveway, added a stop sign, pavement reflectors and directional arrows to ensure pedestrians perceive the area as a driveway, not a plaza