F86A7165Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 22, marks the one-year anniversary of the UCLA bike counting system located on the southern side of Strathmore Place. Over the course of the last year, the counter has recorded 38,933 bike trips into campus!

This fall quarter, there has been a spike in bike traffic as October set a record for total recorded trips, with 6,105! The number of commuters entering the campus on the south side of the Strathmore Building is averaged at 138/day or 734/month.

Though the University of Maryland and the University of Oregon both have plans to implement bike counting systems in the near future, UCLA remains the only school in the United States to have an actively displayed bike counter. In addition, UCLA’s bike counter is the lone visually displayed counter in Los Angeles.

UCLA Transportation continues to dedicate itself to helping the campus community chose alternative and efficient modes of transportation to commute to campus.

To view an online display of the Strathmore bike count, please click here.