After one week of commuting via the 10 freeway between Westwood and the San Gabriel Valley, I had had my fill of traffic and crazy drivers. For the last six months I have been taking a vanpool to and from the UCLA area. It has quite literally saved me from pulling out all of my hair and the advantages are near endless. Here are my top-five vanpool savers since joining:InBlogVanpool

  1. Saved sanity
    I have saved my sanity by taking the van! Instead of worrying about traffic I can now turn my attention to other things all of which help relieve any stress or tension from a day’s work. Listening to music, taking a nap, reading, catching up on work, and meditating are just some of the things I get to do instead of driving.
  2. Saved relationships 
    Since joining the van I come home in a far better mood than when I was driving. I have more energy and feel like a more upbeat version of myself.
  3. Saved time 
    The amount of time I have saved on my commute has made a significant difference. Now I get to walk the dogs, go to the gym, hang with my family and get to bed at a reasonable hour instead of picking and choosing.
  4. Saved money  
    What I pay a month to ride the van is less than what I would pay for just two weeks of gas if I was commuting alone. With the money saved, I was able to afford a last minute trip to visit friends in Boston!
  5. Saved Car 
    I now only drive on average the 3.5 miles to and from the van during the work week. That’s seven miles a day compared to the 50 miles I was doing when I was driving alone.


UCLA Vanpools are groups of people who travel to UCLA or Westwood in a UCLA van. Vanpools typically operate Monday-Friday, traveling between a common pickup location (where you may leave your car) and the UCLA campus or Westwood. There are over 160 UCLA commuter vanpools from 85 Southern California communities coming to UCLA daily. For more information, click here.