Metro’s Board of Directors voted to move the Westside Extension Study (known to you as the future Wilshire Subway) to environmental review on Thursday, January 22. The Wilshire Subway lives another day!

In spite of sickness, I schlepped downtown with my fellow transit geek John Gahbauer to attend Metro’s Board of Directors meeting. My purpose was to deliver a letter signed by the cabinet members of Bruins for Traffic Relief (disclosure: I am its chief strategist) and roughly 300 undergraduate and graduate students vouching our support for the study’s recommendations.

All over the LA metro area

Where do UCLA employees live?

I was sick (darn flu season), but I knew I had to get downtown particularly after I picked up a paper copy of the Daily Bruin and read this headline: UCLA group to present Metro with petition. UCLA Transportation had earlier submitted a letter in support of the subway which will later become a part of the public record. It contained maps like the one above which illustrates the really wide spatial dispersion of UCLA employee residences.

Of course, it will be awhile (like a really long time) until any of this could possibly come to fruition. But I’m hopeful. And meanwhile, I will turn my attention to other short-term projects that will help UCLA employees, students, and visitors be “green commuters”, such as a bus lane project for Wilshire Boulevard.

–Sirinya The Intern