As one of the new "green guru" bloggers on this site, allow me to share a bit about myself:

My green commuter cred: I used to bike round trip to work. Except if it was raining then I would take the bus. Now I carpool in the morning with my bike on a roof rack and then cycle home about 7 miles at the end of the day. I love to bike. I enjoy riding the bus. I don't own a car although I share one in my household.

My bike: I had my original bike for 15 years until it got hit by a falling eucalyptus tree branch on campus. I bought a shiny,  lovely new ride that I hope will last another decade or more. My bike has gears and brakes. I wear a helmet and a reflective vest. My coolness factor is near zero.

My posts: I plan to share resources about biking, public transportation, and sustainability. I hope that all of the bloggers will inspire you to trade your car for a "green commuting" option one day a month or week. Or dust off your bicycle for a weekend spin. Or consider how to make do with one less car in our beautiful city. (I've been told that grammatically the phrase should be "one fewer car," but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.)

Trolling the web, here are some of the sustainability-related sites I like to check out:

Green LA Girl



LA Streets Blog

Chance of Rain

UCLA Sustainability

What websites do you peruse for sustainability information and inspiration?